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David Bishop (Physical Therapist  at Beijing United Family Hospital )

David Bishop

Physical Therapist at Beijing United Family Hospital

David Bishop is a Beijing United Family Hospital physical therapist specializing in sports medicine and general orthopedics. His 7 year practice has primary been in non-surgical treatment, post-surgical rehab, and on-the-field/court athletic injury management. Mr. Bishop received all of his education in the United States. He holds a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from The University of Findlay which he obtained in 2008 and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Bradley University which he earned in 2013. David is currently licensed as a physical therapist in Ohio and Illinois, United States.

David’s clinical practice utilizes current research to choose the most appropriate intervention for his patients. Treatment usually includes exercise and/or joint mobilization/manipulation to improve deficits in range of motion, flexibility, strength, proprioception, balance, and pain. Mr. Bishop is an athlete himself and has experienced many injuries. He understands the frustration that comes with injury and places emphasis on educating his patients about their individual cases.

Lando Espinosa  (Professional Trainer  at Living BIGG)

Lando Espinosa

Professional Trainer at Living BIGG

Also known as “The Assassin”, Lando has two decades of experience in the fitnesss industry and has been a certified professional boxer for 17 years. He has professionally competed in 15 Boxing fights, 10 Muay Thai Fights and 10 MMA fights both domestically and internationally. Lando also has over a decade of experience in personal training and is always on top of the latest fun & effective training techniques paying close attention to those exercises that best help tone any kind of body. Lando is well known to be a skilled problem solver that is 100% engaged and focused on each individual client’s goals and abilities.

Garry  Wang (Professional Trainer  at Living BIGG)

Garry Wang

Professional Trainer at Living BIGG

Garry Wang is an Australian born Chinese health and fitness professional who is determined to share the industry secrets that have given him competitive success beyond the elite- and to everyone. With firm familial roots in China, Garry has transitioned from a regular visitor to a dedicated resident and has completed an Intensive Chinese Language Program to further his personal and professional aspirations in the country. As China has opened so many doors for Garry, he feels Living BIGG is one way he can give back to the community. With a double degree in Business & Science in Information Technology, Garry has decided to stray away from the corporate world and do what he is truly loves and is passionate about. With certification from the Australian Institute of Sport, Fitness Australia and Australian College of Sport and Fitness, he’s been trained by professionals and fitness experts. Now, he wants to bring that experience to you.

The premise was simple: Every big idea begins with a germ of inspiration. I’m committed to my own health, because I’ve seen the flow-on effects that an informed exercise and diet plan offers. And that’s what I want for you. More energy. More focus. Increased self confidence. Greater self-belief. A positive outlook. More knowledge about what works and what doesn't. To live big, you need to give your body the best treatment possible, I’m here to simplify that process and make it happen. The right time is now, your chance to Live BIGG.”