Simon Y. Liu (Keynote Speaker) (Associate Administrator at U.S. Agricultural Research Service)

Simon Y. Liu (Keynote Speaker)

Associate Administrator at U.S. Agricultural Research Service

Dr. Simon Y. Liu is the Associate Administrator of the Agricultural Research Service. He holds 2 Doctoral Degrees and 3 Master's degrees in Computer Science, Education, Government Management, Business Administration, and Mathematics.

Dr. Liu previously served as Director of the National Agricultural Library, the world's largest and most accessible research library specializing in agriculture. Before that, Dr. Liu served as Associate Director of the National Library of Medicine and Chief Information Officer. He also served as the Director of Information Management & Security at the Department of Justice and the Chief IT Architect of the Treasury Department. He has served as an adjunct faculty member of Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, and George Washington University for over 20 years. He has also served as an editor of 3 journals and an editor-in-chief of the IT Professional Magazine published by the IEEE Computer Society.

Dr. Liu has published a book and more than 80 journal articles. He was the recipient of a U.S. Presidential Award, an Abraham Lincoln Honor Award, an HHS Secretary Award, a NIH Director Award, an IEEE Special Achievement Award, and a Computer Sciences Corporation President Award.

Ravi Khetarpa (Innovation) (Executive Secretary at Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI))

Ravi Khetarpa (Innovation)

Executive Secretary at Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI)

Dr. Ravi Khetarpa is the Executive Secretary of Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI). He holds Doctorate Degree in Life Sciences (Virology) from the University of Paris and was a Visiting Scientist in an EU Collaborative Project INRA, Versailles, France for three years.

He served CABI –South Asia (India) as Regional Director and also as its RegionalAdvisoron Strategic Science Partnerships over a span of seven years. Prior to this, he worked for the National Agricultural Research System in India for three decades and worked as a consultant of twelve FAO/World Bank Projectsnotably in Indonesia(as Team Leader), India, Nepal, Mauritius, and Cambodia.

He represented Asia as Developing Country SPS Expert in STDFWorking Groupin WTO. He has published 110 research papers, 19 books, 56 book chapters, 12 review articles, and 3 policy papers.

Edwini Kessie (Sustainability) (Director of the Agriculture and Commodities Division at World Trade Organization)

Edwini Kessie (Sustainability)

Director of the Agriculture and Commodities Division at World Trade Organization

Dr. Edwini Kessie is the Director of the Agriculture and Commodities Division, World Trade Organization. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Law from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, and Master’s Degrees in Law from the University of Toronto, Canada and the University of Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Kessie worked in different Divisions in the World Trade Organization, including the Council and Trade Negotiations Committee Division, Development Division and the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation. Between 2012 and 2017, Dr. Kessie took leave from the World Trade Ogranization to become the Chief Trade Adviser of the Pacific Island Countries and Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Chief Trade Adviser located in Port Vila, Vanuatu and provided technical advice on a broad range of trade and investment issues to the Pacific Island countries and supported them in the free trade negotiations (PACER Plus) with Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Kessie's principal areas of interest are regional integration, agriculture, trade and development and dispute settlement. He has participated in many international conferences on international trade and written a number of articles on international trade issues.

Marco Wopereis (Sustainability) (Director General of World Vegetable Center)

Marco Wopereis (Sustainability)

Director General of World Vegetable Center

Dr. Marco Wopereis is the Director General in the World Vegetable Centre. He is an agronomist with a Doctorate in Tropical Agronomy from Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Dr. Wopereis has global expertise in agricultural science and management, and previously served as Deputy Director General and Director of Research for Development of the Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) in Benin and as the Director of the Annual Crops Department of the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) in France. He also worked in different capacities for the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in Togo, the West Africa Rice Development Association (WARDA, now AfricaRice) in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire and for the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.

His strengths include fostering productive, action-oriented partnerships for efficient and effective research among international research institutes, national research systems, the private sector and community organizations. He was a recipient of the 'Grand Prix du Président de la République du Sénégal pour les Sciences', for the development and diffusion of the ASI thresher-cleaner, now widely used in Senegal, Mauritania, and Mali. He was also the co-developer of a Participatory Learning and Action Research (PLAR) approach for lowland rice systems focusing on options for Integrated Crop Management (ICM), adopted in 7 countries.

Wee-Liang Tan (Sustainability) (Associate Professor at Strategic Management, School of Business, Singapore Management University, Singapore)

Wee-Liang Tan (Sustainability)

Associate Professor at Strategic Management, School of Business, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Dr. Tan Wee-Liang is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Singapore Management University (SMU).

Dr. Tan has served as a national expert for entrepreneurship and SMEs for APEC, Asian Productivity Organization, the Colombo Plan Secretariat and the Commonwealth Secretariat. His current research interests lie in the domains of entrepreneurship, family business, international cooperation, and corporate governance. His initial research was in law as he began his career as a law professor. He has since moved into entrepreneurship research and published in Journals and Reviews such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Journal of High Technology Management Research. In addition to journal publications, he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Small Business Management, International Entrepreneurship and Management Research, and Small Business Research.

Tianzhu Zhang (Sustainability) (Professor at China Agricultural University)

Tianzhu Zhang (Sustainability)

Professor at China Agricultural University

Professor, College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering and Director,Institute of Agricultural Planning Science of China Agricultural University, is adept at planning and design of regional agriculture and agricultural parks, agricultural and biological engineering, facility horticultural science and engineering, new facility material and agricultural construction engineering, and has taken charge and participated in more than 500 planning projects of agricultural parks and areas.

Miranda Mirosa (Sustainability) (Associate Professor at Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand)

Miranda Mirosa (Sustainability)

Associate Professor at Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr. Mirosa is an Associate Professor and Director for the Consumer Food Science Programme at the Department of Food Science, University of Otago, New Zealand. She is an Interdisciplinarian who has a background in consumer behavior research and food marketing. Her research aims to understand why people eat, what they do, why they don’t eat, what they don’t, and how we might best impact upon these choices to encourage people to choose quality, healthy and environmentally sustainable foods.

Dr. Mirosa has recently completed a Postharvest Food Loss and Waste Research Fellowship funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Ministry for Business, Innovation, and Employment and represents New Zealand on the multiyear APEC-funded Food Loss and Waste project. She is a Strategic Team Leader of the New Zealand Food Safety Science Research Centre and Co-Leads the Markets and Perceptions Theme. She is also the University of Otago Lead on the New Zealand China Food Protection Network. Dr. Mirosa currently has National Science Challenge High-Value Nutrition funding from the Consumer Insight program so is working to guide the health research programs towards “biomarkers” of health that resonate with consumers and to provide a knowledge base for businesses to leverage from when conducting their more specific market and consumer research and product design.

Wei-Ling LOW (Investment) (Chief Executive Officer at Vanda Global Capital)

Wei-Ling LOW (Investment)

Chief Executive Officer at Vanda Global Capital

Wei-Ling LOW is CEO of Vanda Global Capital (“Vanda”) a Singapore Financial Institution comprising internationally prominent industry leaders. Vanda focusses on high-potential companies in Fintech-Tech-Sustainability-Impact ESG Infrastructure, and officially partnered with a systemically important ecosystem of government, regulatory, state-sponsored private enterprises to facilitate efficient access to capital Singapore & Globally.

Tenaciously 25 years across Tier1 investment banking, asset management & private banking conglomerates in senior management & board capacities managing centi-millionaires, billionaires & unicorns businesses; revamping of Financial Institutions & VCs from scratch to sustainable enterprises optimising business opportunities to successful trade exits & IPOs, growing investments postulating inter & intra-institutional collaboration with deep cognizance in regulatory compliance risk governance framework led to her recognition as an industry all-rounder.

Trained & educated at Harvard Law School & NYU Program, National University of Singapore & Raffles Junior College, offered state scholarship, she also serves the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") Private Banking Advisory Group & was awarded the International Outstanding Young Private Banker of the Year for exemplary leadership globally. She is a judge of the MAS Global Hackcelerator & Fintech Awards & speaks at global conferences.
Wei Ling is Advisory Board Member of Singapore Management University Academy, Johns Hopkins University, Regional Chair of Rotary International, Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Chairman of Investment Committee & Advisor to the Governing Board; Founder & Chair of Rotary Club of Singapore East ("RCSE") Education Bursary Fund & Past President of the RCSE.

Jeffrey Chi (Investment) (Founding Member & Vice Chairman at Vickers Venture Partners)

Jeffrey Chi (Investment)

Founding Member & Vice Chairman at Vickers Venture Partners

Dr. Jeffrey Chi is a veteran in the venture capital industry and a strong advocate for the promotion of venture capital, entrepreneurship & socially responsible investing.

Dr. Chi co-founded Vickers Venture Partners in 2005 is currently its Vice Chairman for Asia and a member of its Investment Committee. He is also former Chairman and currently Ambassador of the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. Dr. Chi also sits on board of SEEDS Capital (Investment arm of Enterprise Singapore) and on the advisory panels of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, A*ccelerate, the commercialization arm of A*Star and the National University of Singapore Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management.

Based out of Shanghai, Dr. Chi heads Vickers Venture’s investments in Asia and has investments in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, education, healthcare/wellness and financial services (including fintech) technology companies.

Dr Chi’s wealth of experience include investment banking (Partner at Pegasus Capital), strategy consulting (senior consultant at Monitor Delloitte) and operations (Managing Director of Spandeck Engineering SEA). Dr. Chi is a CFA Charter holder and graduated from Cambridge University with 1st Class Honours in Engineering. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in organizational knowledge and information technology.

Stephen Ho (Investment) (Independent Director of Azeus Systems)

Stephen Ho (Investment)

Independent Director of Azeus Systems

Ex-CEO, DBS Asia Capital | ex-Managing Director, DBS Bank (Singapore) Ltd and DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd.

Stephen joined as a managing director DBS’ Investment Banking Group in Singapore in June 2001. Prior to joining DBS, Stephen was the Head of Global Telecom, Media & Technology ("TMT") Group in Asia at JP Morgan Chase since 1998. He started his career with Chase in 1989 as a Mergers & Acquisition ("M&A") generalist in New York before specializng in media and telecom sectors in the U.S. and subsequently in Asia.

In addition to his global coverage responsibility as a managing director and Head of the DBS TMT Group from 2001 to mid 2011, he was also Head of DBS Middle East in 2008-9 and Head of DBS Malaysia in 2010-11, before he became the CEO of DBS Asia Capital, a position he held in 2011-13. He was a managing director at DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd in 2014-18.

He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University, a M.S. from M.I.T. and an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania.

Steven Arquitt (Technology) (Senior Research Analyst & Asia Regional Lead at Millennium Institute)

Steven Arquitt (Technology)

Senior Research Analyst & Asia Regional Lead at Millennium Institute

Dr. Steven Arquitt is the Senior Research Analyst and Asia Regional Lead of Millennium Institute. He had obtained a Doctoral Degree in System Dynamics and has published on sustainable development planning, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental restoration, and sustainable consumption among others.

Dr. Arquitt works with government institutions and international organizations to use system dynamics models to analyze complex sustainability challenges and to derive policies to solve them. With over 15 years experience, Dr Arquitt has worked on broad environmental policy and sustainable development issues, including sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, water quality, coastal zone management, and national planning for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kothandapani Ganesh (Senior Knowledge Expert & Global Lead at SCM Center of Competence, Mckinsey Knowledge Centre India Private Limited, Mckinsey Inc. & Company, India)

Kothandapani Ganesh

Senior Knowledge Expert & Global Lead at SCM Center of Competence, Mckinsey Knowledge Centre India Private Limited, Mckinsey Inc. & Company, India

Dr. Kothandapani Ganesh is the Knowledge Expert and Global Head of SCM Center of Competence at McKinsey & Company. Dr. Ganesh holds a Doctoral Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Dr. Ganesh has 16 years of research and consulting experience in the supply chain domain. He served as an Assistant Consultant at Integrated Supply Chain, Manufacturing Industry Solutions Unit, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Mumbai and worked mainly in the areas of supply chain network design and optimization. Later he joined as Senior Consultant in Global Business Services-Global Delivery of IBM India Private Limited, Mumbai, India and worked in Supply Chain Transformation projects for various industries.

He has published over 100 papers in leading international research journals and more than 10 papers in leading national journals. He has been honored with 4 awards for academic excellence and obtained 3 awards from TCS. He is also on the editorial board for various international journals. He is the editor-in-chief for 5 International journals including the International Journal of Supply Chain Management and International Journal of Decision Making in Supply Chain and Logistics.