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Celina Huang (Standing Vice Director of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center)

Celina Huang

Standing Vice Director of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center
Fan Ling (Founder of Tezign)

Fan Ling

Founder of Tezign

Dr. Ling Fan is a Scholar and entrepreneur to bridge machine intelligence and creativity. He received his doctoral degree from Harvard University and master's degree from Princeton University. He was an assistant professor at the University of California at Berkeley and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2015, He founded carries the mission of leveraging Technology to Empower Imagination for business success and social wellbeing. Tezign aims to build digital infrastructure for content experience through the creative platform and data intelligence solutions, helping medium to large enterprises to achieve the digital transformation of creative content creation, management, generation, and optimization. Tezign is also the first Chinese mainland technology company to systematically publish Digital Asset Management (DAM). Tezign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars investment from Temasek, Sequoia Capital, Hearst Ventures, Linear Capital and other top investments.Tezign has partnered with over thousands of brands in different industries such as Alibaba, ByteDance, Unilever, Shiseido, Bayer, Budweiser, Ant Financial, Ping An, Nestle, Tencent, Loreal etc.

In 2016 Dr. Fan founded Tongji University Design Artificial Intelligence Lab, dedicated to the applied research to bring machine learning and A.I. technology to the creative industry. In 2019, Dr. Fan published From Universality of Computation to Universality of Imagination to explore the impact of data intelligence on human creativity.

Dr. Fan is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, an Aspen Institute China Fellow, a member of IEEE Global Council for Extended Intelligence, and a member of the Future Forum. He was awarded National DDF Award (2018) and 2019 Fortune 40 Under 40.

范凌博士是一位设计科技学者和互联网创业者,他是哈佛大学博士和普林斯顿大学硕士。创业前,在美国加州大学伯克利分校和中央美术学院任教。2015年创立特赞Tezign. 特赞Tezign 的使命是用科技赋能商业和社会的想象力。通过平台化和智能化,建构创意资源的数字基础设施。特赞 Tezign 为全球品牌提供内容体验的生产、管理和流转的解决方案。也是中国大陆首家系统性发布内容数字资产管理系统(DAM)的科技企业,特赞已获得由淡马锡、红杉、软银中国、赫斯特、线性资本等国际知名投资机构的数亿美金风险投资,服务了阿里巴巴,字节跳动,联合利华,资生堂,拜耳,百威,蚂蚁金服,中国平安,雀巢,腾讯,欧莱雅等8,000 家企业。


范凌是世界经济论坛全球青年领袖和文化领袖,世界经济论坛全球未来理事会理事,美国阿斯彭学会中国成员,美国电气和电子工程师协会延展智能委员会(IEEE Council for Extended Intelligence) 会员,未来论坛青年理事。他是光华龙腾奖中国设计业十大杰出青年奖(国家级)获得者(2018),2019《财富》中国40位40岁以下的商界精英。

Janice Tsang (Head of Innovation at Porsche China)

Janice Tsang

Head of Innovation at Porsche China

Janice leads the innovation team in Porsche China, the single largest market of the Porsche group.
Janice was born in Hong Kong and educated in Oxford and London of England before returning to Asia in 2007 for her legal career specializing in white collar crime investigation and litigation. In 2014, Janice joined Porsche China and established the Compliance team. In 2016 she was nominated as one of the ten talents from the markets contributing to the Strategy 2025 project for Porsche AG focusing on brand emotionalization in the realms of Chinese social media. In 2017 Janice was appointed Project Leader for Porsche China’s first optimization project and successfully identified 10percent headcount and 40mEuro savings. In 2018, as Innovation team leader under the newly formed Strategy & Business Development Department, Janice kickstarted innovation in China with persuading management for the establishment of a local digital unit, and thus strengthening the competence of the subsidiary from sales and marketing to software development. Driven by her passion for people excellence, she was additionally appointed in 2018-2019 as communication and engagement lead for Porsche China’s new headquarter to foster culture change.

Philippe Obry (Chief Innovation Officer at Aden Group)

Philippe Obry

Chief Innovation Officer at Aden Group

PROFESSIONAL CAREER: With an Engineering Master Degree, Philippe began his career in 1982 in the CASO company (Engineering Services Company for Aerospace & Automotive sectors) in Toulouse. He held successively the positions of Technical Director for a subsidiary specialized in the technical documentation and aircraft decoration, R&D Director, finally Chief Information & Training Officer. He founded, in 1996, the Company FORMEDIA Engineering, in Toulouse (France), offering PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Consulting, Services and Training for industrial companies in Europe. He joined the AKKA Technologies Group in 2004 as Executive Vice President - Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). He is at the origin of the creation of AKKA Institute (2007), Internal Institute offering management & technical training, as well as the Internal R&D center, AKKA Research (2009), which federates projects and highly innovative initiatives in the areas of mobility to meet societal challenges. From 2016 to 2020, he held the position of Chief Engineer - Director Business Innovation at Dassault Systèmes China in Shanghai. Philippe joined Aden Group Shanghai in 2021 and held the position of Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).

Stella Zheng (Head of China at 500 Startups)

Stella Zheng

Head of China at 500 Startups

Stella Zheng is the head of China of 500 Startups, which is one of the most active VCs in the world with more than 2500 portfolio companies. Stella has been working on behalf of 500 Startups to source deals from Blockchain, AI, and cross-border sectors since 2017.
She led 500 startups officially open in China in Sept 2017. As of 2020, her team has invested in over 10 start-ups (otter, COCOS, Xing Mobility, etc.) from China, and brought them into 500 Startups accelerator in San Francisco.
Stella Zheng formerly worked at the State Street Corp., serving Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo, Mizuho, and other investment groups. In addition, Stella Zheng is a columnist from Forbes and a co-author of China Internet Report 2018. She’s the mentor of Hong Kong Cyberport, Hangzhou Sci- Future City, and Goodyear. Based on her entrepreneur-heart inside, she's willing to help startups that with deep ambitions and insights into the global market.

郑思达是 500 Startups 的中国区负责人,代表 500 Startups 在中国投资早期 创业公司。500 Startups 作为全球最知名的风险投资机构之一,在全球投资已 投资 2500 多家创业公司,基金规模超 6 亿美元,投出 25 家独角兽和 109 家准独角兽。
2017 年 9 月,她帮助 500 Startups 进入中国。截至 2020 年,在大中国区已投 资十多个创业团队(otter, COCOS, Xing Mobility, etc.),并将他们带入 500 Startups 位于旧金山总部的加速器。
郑思达此前任职于美国道富银行投行部,服务于三菱、三井、住友、瑞穗等多家 投资集团。此外,她是福布斯专栏作者,也是 China Internet Report 2018 的 联合作者。她是香港数码港、杭州市未来科技城、固特异的创业导师。基于她多 年的投行工作经历和风险投资经验,和她内在的创业精神,她很愿意寻找并帮助 有全球化战略的创业公司。

Richard Brubaker (Founder of Collective Responsibility)

Richard Brubaker

Founder of Collective Responsibility

Richard is the Managing Director of Collective Responsibility, Founder of HandsOn China and an Adjunct Professor of Sustainability and Social Innovation at Southern Methodist University.
Driven by the belief that change begins with a single step, Richard Brubaker has spent the last 20 years in Asia working to engage, inspire and equip those around him to take their first step.
Acting as a catalyst to driving sustainability, to bring about the changes in leadership and business models, and to recalibrate old models so that new opportunities can be captured, Brubaker’s work is centered around building foundations of knowledge, understanding core issues, engaging stakeholders, and doing what it takes to move forward.
To date, Richard have overseen the development and execution of more than 200 projects focused on solving the social, environmental and economic challenges that are faced in Asia.
Richard holds a Masters in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.


Taiwing Tian (Co-Founder of Switching-Time)

Taiwing Tian

Co-Founder of Switching-Time

Born and raised in China, educated in Europe, Taiwing is the essence of a truly global citizen with unmatched relationships all over the world, especially in the fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle segments. She co-founded Switching-Time in 2012 after a record-setting career in international agencies where she was promoted to GM in China at a young age.

Taiwing is an award-winning professional, she was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year at the Women Leadership Awards 2020, and the Entrepreneurship of the year at Campaign Women Leading Change Award 2020. Taiwing has over 15 years of extensive marketing communications and strategic planning experience, her industry insights, sharp intellect and deeply rooted friendships with most of the influencers in her realm, combined with a passion, a caring nature and a big smile, has made clients and team members flocking to join her. They know that Taiwing always delivers results. Fluent in Mandarin, English and French, Taiwing is also a mother of two young boys. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, she is a dedicated fashion hunter and loves quality time with her many good friends.

Hong Wa Poon (Senior Digital Scout at BI X at Boehringer Ingelheim)

Hong Wa Poon

Senior Digital Scout at BI X at Boehringer Ingelheim

Hong is one of the digital scouts of the newly established Digital Lab (BIX) of Boehringer Ingelheim in China.
BIX is a unit that scouts, ideates, initiates and builds cutting-edge digital solutions for BI’s business sectors and beyond. Within BIX in China, Hong is leading the scouting services where he explores latest tech trends and insights as well as opportunities to collaboration.
Before this, he worked for the innovation unit of Merckgroup and built up the Accelerator program in Germany and it’s expansion to China to foster and strengthen Merck's innovation power through scouting and connecting startups worldwide with internal colleagues.
He is a Mechanical Engineer by training and holds a M.Sc. from RWTH Aachen and Tsinghua University as well as an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs.

Ching-Ping Lin (Corporate Innovation Program Director of SOSV Chinaccelerator)

Ching-Ping Lin

Corporate Innovation Program Director of SOSV Chinaccelerator

Ching-Ping Lin is the Corporate Innovation Program Director at SOSV Chinaccelerator. Prior to moving to Shanghai, she was the Program Director for MOX, SOSV’s mobile internet cross-border accelerator based in Taipei. She has held roles in, McKesson and two successfully exited startups,, an early Facebook, and HPR Inc, a health software company. In Beijing, she built the first operations team at AerDragon Aviation, a joint venture between Chinese state-owned company, China Aviation Supply, and Aercap, the world’s largest aircraft lessor. However, she is especially proud of being part of one of the internet's earliest ad-based, free email failures, Freemark Communications.

Ching-Ping has a BA in computer science, PhD in biomedical informatics and was a post-doctoral fellow at Peking University in global health. She believes in medical inclusiveness and has led community health projects in underserved areas across the US, China and Uganda. She is an International Coaching Federation ACC certified coach.

Patrik Sandin (Director, Ventures & Growth of Ericsson One)

Patrik Sandin

Director, Ventures & Growth of Ericsson One

Based in Shanghai, Patrik is Director of Ventures & Growth at Ericsson ONE, the venture studio and accelerator of Ericsson where he supports intrapreneurs with incubating and strategically scaling innovations to deliver Ericsson's new growth bets. In addition Patrik is the co-founder of Singularity University’s Shanghai chapter and a mentor and former advisory board member at Shanghai University’s MBA program as well as a mentor at the China-UK Low Carbon College.

Patrik has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant working on strategic transformation, M&A, innovation and sustainability related projects for some of the world’s largest companies and Private Equity houses.
Prior to joining Ericsson, Patrik was Chairman of The Natural Step international, the world’s first sustainability advisory organization (NGO) with King Carl XVI of Sweden as Patron. Patrik was also certified coach and China Ambassador for ExO Works, the global transformation agency helping large companies transform through disruptive innovation.

Patrik长住上海,担任Ericsson One风投与增长事业部总监。Ericsson ONE 是相对新的事业部,是爱立信内部的风投工作室及加速器。Patrik负责支持企业内创业者,帮助他们进行孵化和做出具有战略扩展和增长性的创新,以实现爱立新增长商机。
Patrik 有20 多年的管理咨询经验,服务于很多全球最大的公司和私人股本公司,有丰富的战略转型、并购、创新,以及可持续发展相关的项目的实战经验。
在加入爱立信之前,Patrik是全球第一个可持续发展咨询组织The Natural Step自然之道的国际主席,改机构又30多年历史,目前在全球12个国家有设立。Patrik还是Exo Works的认证教练和中国区推广大使,ExO works是一家全球转型机构,通过颠覆性创新帮助大公司转型。

Eric Liu (Co-Founder & CTO of DIGITWIN)

Eric Liu

Co-Founder & CTO of DIGITWIN

Eric has over 16 years of cutting-edge technology experience focused on 3D visualization and human-computer interactive technologies, including Virtual and Augmented Reality. During his tenure at NVIDIA in Silicon Valley, he worked with the world’s largest hardware and video game developers to define the future of computer graphics and GPU technologies. In 2015, Eric moved to Shanghai and saw the need for advancing digital twins in the smart city and smart manufacturing industries. Today, DIGITWIN Technologies is at the forefront of the spatial computing revolution.

Victor Chi Sun (Founder & Creative Director of Chi Mu Branding & Design)

Victor Chi Sun

Founder & Creative Director of Chi Mu Branding & Design

Victor Chi Sun is the founder and creative director of 池木, a creative agency based in Shanghai. He specializes in brand identity design, working with clients such as Starbucks, Kotex, Kleenex, Geely, etc.

Victor Chi Sun

Alex Duncan (Co-founder & Product Lead of

Alex Duncan

Co-founder & Product Lead of

Alex was born and grew up in a small village in England. His mother Rosie was a cartographer and in the early 90s she returned to university to study computer aided design. The family then invested in an Apple Mac Computer for Rosie to continue her cartography work at home. Alex came to love using his Mum’s Apple Mac and out of curiosity inadvertently taught himself how to do graphic design. In the late 90s he also became interested in web design and began teaching himself programming. Around 18 he went to Australia for his gap year and found working as a designer far more comfortable and lucrative than washing up or fruit picking.
He went on to study Zoology at Durham University and was elected as President of Durham Students’ Union. Throughout his time at university his passion for design and programming became a major theme in his life. In 2007 after leaving university he decided to skip the normal & safe path into a graduate job and with a taste for adventure just booked a flight to China.
The fast pace and excitement of Shanghai suited Alex perfectly and he got involved in a range of different startups. While working for Starwood Hotels on digital marketing projects he met Brian van Damme and the two of them Co-founded KAWO. Over the past 8 years Alex has worked across all areas of the company and in the process built a deep understanding of Digital marketing in China.

Olivia Plotnick (Founder of wai social)

Olivia Plotnick

Founder of wai social

Olivia is a social media enthusiast, forever obsessing over how brands connect with audiences on today’s most powerful digital platforms, especially in China. Olivia has helped brands of various sizes from numerous industries develop and execute successful social media marketing, specializing in WeChat. Olivia founded Wai Social in 2019, a boutique social media marketing agency focused on supporting purpose-driven brands to be loved on social media. Olivia regularly gives talks and trainings to Fortune 500 companies and global delegations, as well as mentoring at various startup initiatives. She currently serves as President of IPWS - International Professional Women’s Society, a non-profit organization in Shanghai dedicated to empowering female professionals to shape the nature of leadership worldwide.

Lei Niu (Corporate Innovation Director of XNode)

Lei Niu

Corporate Innovation Director of XNode

ei is the Corporate Innovation Director at XNode, where Lei leads the Corporate Innovation team to help big corporates build their innovation capabilities,
including establishing corporate innovation strategies, creating internal innovation acceleration programs, and collaborating with external startups and scaleups to forge innovation ecosystems.
Lei has worked with SAP, Foxconn, Osram, Continental, Unilever and more MNCs to create their internal innovation acceleration programs, where he helps to develop go-to- market strategies for new products and services. At XNode, Lei is also leading programs with institutions such as Parsons School of Design, Tsinghua University, EmLyon, NYU and etc.
Prior to joining XNode, Lei has been entrepreneur himself and lecturer of ShanghaiTech University. At ShanghaiTech, he co-created the first mandatory Design Thinking and Applied Innovation course for undergraduate students — driving innovation for students
and faculties. Lei holds a Master's in Computer Science and MBA from New York University.

Eric Oetting (Founder & CEO of Planet O)

Eric Oetting

Founder & CEO of Planet O

Eric Oetting, founder and CEO of Planet O is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and market entry expert with futuristic insights into the next generation of eSports and location-based entertainment. Since first coming to China in 2005, Eric has been focused on the high-growth sector of China’s consumer-based industries.

Founded in 2016, Planet O is a pioneering new-age entertainment company dedicated to location-based entertainment, high tech eSports, and XR experiences. The flagship hub – PLANET ONE, a joint-venture between Planet O and NetEase Games VR, will be opening in Shanghai this June 5th, with plans for continued expansion across China.

Mr. Oetting has served as business coach to numerous startups, as well as founded and developed a series of businesses including: Warehouse No. 9, the Dynasty Mini Golf themed entertainment concept, De Refter Belgian Bar & Brasserie, Gourmet Week China, ROCKART Asia, Big E entertainment centers, and Planet O.

Mr. Oetting holds a degree in Organizational Leadership & Supervision with a focus on international business from Purdue University. He has lived in Shanghai since 2008 and is fluent in English and conversational in Chinese Mandarin.

Alex Robert (Counsel at Linklaters)

Alex Robert

Counsel at Linklaters

Alex is a corporate, technology and data protection lawyer in Linklaters’ China team. He advises on a wide range of TMT-related issues including cross-border investment, collaborations, cybersecurity, data transfers and IP licensing. He was awarded “Rising Star” in Corporate and M&A: foreign firms, Fintech: foreign firms and TMT: foreign firms by Legal 500 2021.

Alex’s clients cover range from some of the largest global brands to some of the coolest start-ups and growth stories in tech and fintech circles. Having lived and worked in China for over 10 years, Alex’s experience includes advising Privé Technologies, a Hong Kong-based online wealth management start-up on cornerstone investments by Credit Suisse and Samsung, and the related business collaboration arrangements; a global F&B giant on the data protection aspects of its proposed acquisition and integration of an e-commerce-focussed snack retailer in China; a regional sports governing body on telecoms and production licensing and data management considerations for a proposed digital content hub for Chinese fans; and a multinational automotive manufacturer on data transfers, consumer protection and unfair contract terms in respect of its proposed electric car online remote update systems.

An active speaker at tech and innovation conferences as well as a member of the executive committee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. New retail, supply chain 4.0 and other digitalisation topics were a particular interest during Alex’s executive MBA at China Europe International Business School.

Matt Spriegel (Founder & CEO of Atiom)

Matt Spriegel

Founder & CEO of Atiom

Matt is Founder and CEO of Atiom, a mobile-first platform helping companies drive compliance, training and employee engagement to frontline workforces. Matt has been in China for over 10 years and before starting his own company, he was APAC VP for a Healthcare Agency that was acquired by a US firm. He is active in the community serving on the board of Roots and Shoots, AmCham’s Entrepreneurship Committee and Austcham's HR committee.

Larry Wang (Founder & Managing Director of Zhishangwang)

Larry Wang

Founder & Managing Director of Zhishangwang

Larry Wang is the founder and managing director of Zhishangwang (training company) and Wang & Li Asia Resources (China’s 2008 Recruitment Firm of the Year), who has been addressing the career & leadership development challenges of professionals and global companies in China for 20+ years.

He’s written two books, Know The Game, Play The Game and How To Develop Yourself As a Future Executive, Today, on developing your career sense and soft skills, and has delivered his career development and job market insights to top MBA programs (e.g. HBS, Wharton, CEIBS, etc.) and media (e.g. CNN, CCTV, Business Week, etc.).

Jonathan Woetzel (Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company)

Jonathan Woetzel

Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.; Director, McKinsey Global Institute; Co-Chair, Urban China Initiative

Helps cities and regions create sustainable growth, supports the transformation of companies into global leaders and leads McKinsey Global Institute research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends.

Jonathan Woetzel is a Director of the McKinsey Global Institute [MGI] where he leads MGI research on productivity, urbanization, infrastructure, inequality and regional economies. Based in China since 1986, he globally leads McKinsey’s Cities Special Initiative and co-chairs the non-profit think tank Urban China Initiative, a collaborative project of Tsinghua University and McKinsey & Company that aims to develop and implement solutions to China’s urbanization challenge.
As an expert on energy, sustainability, and economic master planning, Jonathan has advised national and local governments in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas on topics including improving the foreign investment environment, energy policy, and economic development. He has conducted more than 60 projects for local governments throughout China to support economic development and transformation.
Jonathan works in the private sector as well, serving clients most often on topics related to corporate strategy, operations, and organization. He has extensive experience in real estate, particularly affordable housing and commercial revitalization, and advised on energy investment strategies among other topics.
Jonathan actively participates in international forums including the World Economic Forum and the Joint US-China Coalition for Clean Energy, and also guest lectures at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Business and the China-Europe International Business School. He has written five books on China including Capitalist China: Strategies for a Revolutionized Economy; Operation China; 1 Hour China and No Ordinary Disruption.

Sean Xiao (Partner at TeamPlus Solutions)

Sean Xiao

Partner at TeamPlus Solutions

Sean has been passionate on People and Organization Development since 2002. In 2003 he joined his first intrapreneur project benchmarking Alibaba. After a quick failure half a year later he joined the Joint EMBA between Tongji University and ENPC from Paris, which was listed as Global Top 50 of Financial Times in 2008-2010.
Sean founded TeamPlus Solutions since 2013 to focus on Organization Development, especially Transformation, and has supported F500 companies and also local industrial leaders in their systematic and long-term development.

Arthur Yeh (Service Design Facilitator at TeamPlus Solutions)

Arthur Yeh

Service Design Facilitator at TeamPlus Solutions

Arthur co-founded Service Design Network Taiwan Chapter to develop service design in Asia and promote SERVICE innovation for organization transformation. He focuses on facilitating an interdisciplinary or multi-functional team to work together on service innovation and design, co-creating value in service systems in social and business environments, which works for NGO, Schools, and also biz organizations. All of his work originated from the belief of holding the space and let group wisdom come out, and solving the real problems than theoretical talk.
His recent work focuses on Organizational Development, inspiring the teams with new strategy, new vision, to co-create their culture and leadership for the companies such as Bosch, BSH, Continental, Coke-Cola, Corteva, Longfor, SGM. The magic words here are participation, consensus, and action plan.