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Keynote: The Big WHY
Marian Danko
Keynote: Back to Where We Started
Wenny Huang
Panel: What COVID-19 Means for Startups and How to Plan Ahead?
Frederic BazinGina LiJill TangThomas Knoop
  • Frederic Bazin (Co-Founder of Coderbunker)

    Frederic Bazin

    Co-Founder of Coderbunker
  • Gina Li (CEO & Co-Founder of Beach Creative Technology)

    Gina Li

    CEO & Co-Founder of Beach Creative Technology
  • Jill Tang (Co-founder of Ladies Who Tech)

    Jill Tang

    Co-founder of Ladies Who Tech
  • Thomas Knoop (CEO & Owner of Livecom China)

    Thomas Knoop

    CEO & Owner of Livecom China
Keynote: The word Digital is Misleading, It’s Not About Technology, It’s About People
Zhou Yong
Keynote: Building An Awesome SaaS Product: 7 Lessons Learned in 7 Years
Alex Duncan
Reverse Incubator Pitch

Listen to the incubator pitches to learn how they support startups and cultivate talent.

Keynote: Driving Digital Transformation and Innovation in a Corporate
Marie Chavanon
Keynote: Upskilling the Workforce for the Future of Work. When Corporates stop using Excel for everything!
Thibault Genaitay
Keynote: Health Insurtech to Drive Product Innovation and Personalized Experiences
Sebastien Gaudin
Top Startup Announcement

3 Top Startups 2020 to work for will be announced at TECOM Conf.

Panel: Successful Elements to Startup-Corporate Collaboration
Kevin FengJade HsiaoSunny TingNishtha Mehta
  • Kevin Feng (COO at VeChain)

    Kevin Feng

    COO at VeChain
  • Jade Hsiao (Acceleration Manager at XNode)

    Jade Hsiao

    Acceleration Manager at XNode
  • Sunny Ting (Co-Director of Startup Grind Shanghai)

    Sunny Ting

    Co-Director of Startup Grind Shanghai
  • Nishtha Mehta (Founder | Executive Facilitator | Corporate Lean Innovation Coach of CollabCentral)

    Nishtha Mehta

    Founder | Executive Facilitator | Corporate Lean Innovation Coach of CollabCentral
Keynote: Shanghai Innovation EcosystemCaohejing, the Next Tech Power House
Howard Wang
Keynote: Dare to CollaborateLearnings from 1 Year Merck Accelerator China
Hong Wa Poon
Keynote: From Resilient to Antifragile: How We Reshaped our Business During the COVID-19 Crisis
Rachel Daydou
Starup Pitch

Listen to 10 startup pitches to learn about their innovative business models, share ideas and network.