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Vidar Helgesen (Special Envoy to the High-level Panel on Building a Sustainable Ocean Economy)

Vidar Helgesen

Special Envoy to the High-level Panel on Building a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Vidar Helgesen was in 2018 appointed Norway’s Special Envoy to the High-level Panel on Building a Sustainable Ocean Economy. The Panel was launched by Prime Minister Solberg in 2018, and Mr Helgesen is responsible for coordinating Norway’s efforts in this area.
Vidar Helgesen (born 21 November 1968) is a Norwegian diplomat and politician for the Conservative party. He was appointed Minister of Climate and the Environment on 16 December 2015, having served as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Erna Solberg from 2013 to 2015. He served as Secretary-General of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance from 2005 to 2013.

Kristin Iglum (Consul General at Royal Norwegian Consulate General Shanghai)

Kristin Iglum

Consul General at Royal Norwegian Consulate General Shanghai

Kristin Iglum holds a degree in Master of Business from BI Norwegian Business School. She has worked in the Norwegian Foreign Service since the 1990’s, and her first posting abroad was as embassy secretary at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing. She has worked at foreign missions in Asia, Europe and America, and spent five years at the Embassy in Beijing before coming to Shanghai in 2016. She is currently the Consul General of Norway in Shanghai.
The Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai strives to further develop Sino-Norwegian relations in this important part of China. The ties between the Eastern provinces of China and Norway are longstanding, strong and dynamic. During more than 150 years, Norwegians have lived and worked here. Our consular presence in Shanghai dates back to 1853, and in 1906 the Royal Norwegian Consulate General was opened as one of Norway's first independent Foreign Service missions.

Jan-Gunnar Winther (Director Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic, Nofima & Specialist Director of Norwegian Polar Institute)

Jan-Gunnar Winther

Director Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic, Nofima & Specialist Director of Norwegian Polar Institute

Dr. Winther serves on a number of national and international committees and delegations including deputy chair of the Norwegian Government’s Expert Committee on Northern Regions Policies, national expert to the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings, Lead Author on IPCC’s AR5, member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, the World Economic Forum, United Nations Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, expert to the High Level Panel on Sustainable Blue Economy and the Explorers Club.
Ph.D. (and M.S.) from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in 1993. From 2018, director of Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic at Nofima. Specialist Director at the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) from 2017. Chair of the Board of GRID Arendal from 2017. From 2005 to 2017, director of the NPI.

Kathinka Fürst (Associate Director, Environmental Research Center, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke Kunshan University)

Kathinka Fürst

Associate Director, Environmental Research Center, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke Kunshan University

Dr. Fürst received her PhD degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam and her MA degree at the Center from Environment and Development at the University of Oslo. She has a BA in Sinology from Beijing Language and Culture University.
Her doctoral project focusing on the concept of “civil regulation” has recently become a new key component of many Chinese environmental protection policy documents. Dr. Fürst has extensive experience in interdisciplinary research through her work as an administrative coordinator for the Sino-Norwegian Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research and research fellow at the Social Science Research Council’s China Environment and Health Initiative.
Prior to joining Duke Kunshan University Dr. Fürst work as a consultant on program management and evaluation focusing on environmental governance projects in China. She also has substantial experience in research project design, implementation and monitoring.

Shiqing Zhu (Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment)

Shiqing Zhu

Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment

In charge of drainage industry management, Suzhou River comprehensive improvement, ocean environmental protection, as well as written opinions for the National People's Congress and CPPCC proposals, culture, sports and other work. Coordinating the construction of spiritual civilization, comprehensive management, safe production, emergency management (drainage), drainage industry planning, preliminary work of drainage project construction
Zhu Shiqing served as the deputy director of the Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau (Shanghai Ocean Bureau) since 2003. In November 2018, he became the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment.

Jian Yang (Vice President and Senior Fellow at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies)

Jian Yang

Vice President and Senior Fellow at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies

Dr. Yang Jian is Vice President and Senior Fellow at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies. He is Professor of Political Science and PhD supervisor at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Director of the Institute for International Organization and Global Governance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Deputy Director of the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center, and Vice Chairman of the Pacific Society of China. His areas of specialization include: the International political economy (IPE), China’s regional strategy in polar affairs and cyber governance.
His previous positions include: Executive Vice-Chairman at Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies, a member of the editorial board for the Arctic Yearbook, a member of the editorial board for Review of Policy Research, and deputy director of the department of IPE in the Institute of World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). He received his doctorate in economics from SASS, and his master’s degree in history from Soochow University.

Yidong Hu (Deputy President at Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute)

Yidong Hu

Deputy President at Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Dr. Hu got his Ph.D. from Southeast University with a major in Management Science and Engineering. He had won several science and technology awards in both national and provincial level by undertaking more than ten R&D projects.Dr. Hu has long been engaged in technology management and has extensive experience in technology management. He used to be the director of the Jiangsu Productivity Center (JSPC) and was responsible for the overall management of the center. In 2013, he participated in the construction of JITRI as a core member, and was responsible for the top-level design work of the strategic planning, organizational structure and construction plan. As a newly example of national R&D institute, there are 44 specialized research institutes with about 7,000 R&D personnel and nearly 700 derivative startups under the umbrella of JITRI. In 2016, Hu led the establishment of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Corporation and served as the chairman of the board.
Established in December 6th, 2013, JITRI is supported by and organized under the Jiangsu provincial government. It is chartered with the crucial role to promote and to support the industrial technology research and commercialization of advanced technologies that may significantly impact the economic development of Jiangsu Province.
Today, JITRI is comprised of 44 specialized institutes and 17 JITRI-Enterprise joint research centers. It has also established partnerships with 35 of the world's top universities and global R&D institutions. JITRI is always acting as two bridges- one is the bridge between universities (also academic institutes) and industries, the other is the bridge between global innovation resources and Jiangsu industries. JITRI makes innovation as an industry and technology as commodities to build an innovative ecosystem that promotes industrial R&D and transformation. JITRI is aimed to be a top industrial technology research center in China that may further have significant influences in the World.

Jingjing Guo (Ocean Ambassador at WWF)

Jingjing Guo

Ocean Ambassador at WWF

Guo Jingjing, is a female diver from China, the Olympic champion, acclaimed as the Queen of Diving. Jingjing was selected to dive for Chinese national team in 1993 until she announced her retirement in 2011. Jingjing was tied with her partner for winning the most Olympic medals (6) of any female diver and she won the 3m springboard event at five consecutive World Championships. She gave expression to her passion for charity work. As the UNICEF HK Ambassador, she participated in Baby friendly Action to raise the awareness on the maternal and child health. Jingjing devotes herself to promote No plastic campaign, seek for new technologies to deal with “plastics” and protect the ocean, as the WWF Ocean Ambassador.

Cynthia Wang (Chief Technology Advisor, Technology & Environment at WWF)

Cynthia Wang

Chief Technology Advisor, Technology & Environment at WWF

Cynthia has been an entrepreneur of a leading mobile data solution company since 2010s, as well as an evangelist on transforming technology for sustainable goals for over a decade. As Chief advisor on technology and environment, Cynthia has championed several forward-thinking projects, including a digital engagement platform using block chain technology to trace consumer contribution for sustainability. She has also been championing promotion of plastics recycle/replace technology and redesigned WWF technology strategy for a lean digital NGO.
Prior to WWF, Cynthia was C-level executive with over 15 years of experience working for tech corporate and top 500 fortune companies, working with global project management and business excellence leadership in the USA and Asia Pacific. Cynthia has also been the co-author of the book “Block Chain History”. Meanwhile, she was also the co-producer of the documentary film “Singled Out”. Cynthia holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Nanjing University and a Master’s Degree from Cranfield School of Management.

Miaoyi JI (Deputy Director, Marine Planning Division of Marine Strategic Planning and Economy Dept. at Ministry of Natural Resources of China)

Miaoyi JI

Deputy Director, Marine Planning Division of Marine Strategic Planning and Economy Dept. at Ministry of Natural Resources of China

Main Responsibilities of MNR: regulate the development, utilization and protection of natural resources; establish a spatial planning system and supervise its implementation; act as public owner of all kinds of natural resources; unify various surveys and right-confirmation registration; establish a paid system to utilize natural resources; and administer the surveying, mapping and geological survey sectors.
The First Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held in March 2018 reviewed and adopted the Institutional Reform Plan of the State Council and decided to establish the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to exercise unified governance over mountain, water, forest, land, lake and grassland systems, to exercise responsibilities as public owner of natural resources, to exercise responsibilities to regulate territorial space for all purposes and to protect and repair the ecology, and to resolve the issues of absence of owner of natural resources and overlapping in spatial planning. In international exchanges, the Ministry of Natural Resources retains the institutional title of State Oceanic Administration.

Savindar Xie (Marketing Advisor at Norwegian Seafood Council)

Savindar Xie

Marketing Advisor at Norwegian Seafood Council

Savindar graduated from Shanghai International Studies University in 2002, majored in Business Administration. Since graduation, Savindar has worked in top Fortune 500 international companies with more than 10 years’ marketing experience. Savindar joined Norwegian Seafood Council in 2013 with the role of Marketing Advisor to assist Norwegian Seafood Council China Director to take overall responsibility of Norwegian Seafood Marketing and Promotion in China mainland and HK, dedicated to enhancing the reputation of Norwegian seafood in China and facilitating the Norwegian seafood trade to China.
The Norwegian Seafood Council works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood.
The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) aims to increase the value of Norwegian seafood resources. We do this through market insights, market development, market risk management and reputational risk management in select markets around the world.
The Norwegian seafood industry finances the activities of the Council through fees levied on all exports of Norwegian seafood.

An Yan (China Country Repersentative at MSC)

An Yan

China Country Repersentative at MSC

An Yan is China Country Representative of MSC since 2013 with aiming to promote the concept of sustainability in China seafood industry. Her current major responsibility is to develop strategic programs of sustainable seafood through multi-stakeholder engagement approach. An has more than 20 years working experiences in conservation and NGO sector with her passionate and her believe in sustainability. An holds PDH degree of supply-chain management and a Master Degree of Business.
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization established to address the problem of unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. The vision is for the world’s oceans to be teeming with life – today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Through the certification and ecolabelling program, they’re helping to create a more sustainable seafood market.

Meng Zhou (Chair Professor and Dean at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Oceanography)

Meng Zhou

Chair Professor and Dean at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Oceanography

Dr. Meng Zhou is a Chair Professor and Dean at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Oceanography. He received his BE from Tsinghua University in 1992, MS in Physical Oceanography from the Chinese Academy of Science in 1984, and PhD in Physical Oceanography from Stony Brook University in 1992. Dr. Zhou worked as a research scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, and Tenured Associate and Full Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He also possessed various part time professor and research scientist positions at the University of Tromsø, University of Marseille, and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
He had been a PI for various USA-NSF projects on physical and biological oceanography over 20 years, and conducted and led more than 30 cruises in the global oceans, especially the Southern Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. He is the Founding Dean of the Institute of Oceanography and the School of Oceanography at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a mission to the excellence in integrated ocean sciences and technologies for addressing emerging environmental and climate questions in the ocean.

Robin Wang (Executive Director, Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer (CGO) of Fosun Group)

Robin Wang

Executive Director, Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer (CGO) of Fosun Group

Wang is responsible for coordinating and deploying all of Fosun’s resources and global partners to facilitate the Group's core operating capabilities, advancing strategy planning, innovation, enhancing products, brands, sales and marketing and creating smart mid-offices within the C2M ecosystem of Fosun. He is also responsible for the growth of customers, revenues and enterprise value of the C2M ecosystem of Fosun.
Wang joined the Group in 2012, and has also been a non-executive director of Fosun Pharma, FTG and various companies within the Group. He once worked as the CFO, the GM of Investment Management Support Center, the co-director of Fosun Technology Innovation Center, the GM of Investment Management Department, the deputy CFO and the GM of Financial Planning & Analysis Department of the Group.
Prior to joining the Group, Wang worked in Kingdee Software, PwC Zhong Tian, Standard Chartered Bank (China). Wang is a non-practicing member of CICPA and a member of AIA and ACCA. Wang received an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School in 2014.

Yanguo Wang (Vice President at CSSC Cruise Technology Development)

Yanguo Wang

Vice President at CSSC Cruise Technology Development

CSSC Cruise Technology Development Co., Ltd (CCTD) is the cruise industrial development platform of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), which is an extra-large shipbuilding conglomerate and state-authorized investment institution. Under its wings, CCTD has three business sectors of cruise operation, cruise design and engineering, and cruise supply chain development. CCTD has established joint ventures with the largest cruise travelling company Carnival Corporation and the largest cruise building company Fincantieri S.p.A. Through the close cooperation with partners, CCTD has the vision to develop a sustainable and prosperous cruise eco-system in China.

Kelly Xie (Head at TOMRA Sorting Recycling, China)

Kelly Xie

Head at TOMRA Sorting Recycling, China

Since joining TOMRA in September 2013, Kelly has been responsible for sales and business strategy development of TOMRA recycling in China. At the same time, she is an advocator of cutting-edge recycling concepts, and proactively shares latest trend of the recycling industry from a global perspective. Her industry expertise helps business partners in China to upgrade and expand their businesses into new territories, based on a broader vision and better insight.
Before joining TOMRA, Kelly had the role of sales director for MRT, a Sweden mercury recovery company.
Kelly holds an MBA from the Norwegian Business School.
TOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers.

Xueqin Yang (Team Manager, Project Department at KONGSBERG Maritime China)

Xueqin Yang

Team Manager, Project Department at KONGSBERG Maritime China

KONGSBERG (OSE-ticker: KOG) is an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology systems and solutions to clients with- in the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, defense and aerospace. KONGSBERG has 11 000 employees located in more than 40 countries and total revenues of NOK 22.6 billion in 2018.
YANG handles project engineering/design work for KM Automation product, and leads engineering team in vessel system and solution. She also supports project management of Merchant project. YANG began 27 years of professional career in the shipyard and switchboard supplier, followed by numerous managerial and technical positions within engineering, people & project management in Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Zhen Wang (Vice President at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

Zhen Wang

Vice President at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Zhen Wang is the Vice President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. He also serves as a member of Shanghai CPPCC, Vice President of Social and Legal Affairs Committee of Shanghai CPPCC, Vice Chair of Urban Planning Society of Shanghai, and Vice Chair of Shanghai Talent Research Centre. He earned his PhD in Agriculture and Forestry Economics from Tokyo University, and became Post-Doctoral Professor in Applied Economics. His major research areas include the economic development of Yangtze River Delta and Yangtze River Economic Belt, talent strategies and policies, and medium and small enterprises. He is the author of Report on Economic Development of Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and Blue Book for Yangtze River Economic Belt. He has received several national honors, including the National Achievement Award for Returned Overseas Students, Shanghai Elite Talent, and Special Subsidies from the State Council and Government.