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This event is brought to you by the Beijing Women's Network.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J. Wheatley

Whether you are looking to create a community to share workout tips, to organize volunteers for charitable causes, or to launch a business project and is seeking guidance and support, we all face similar challenges.

How do we build a community around us that can support us in making memorable change?

How do we attract like-minded individuals to back our ideas? And how do we scale our community/organizations so that they are more impactful but are also sustainable?

Join us in this event to hear from successful community leaders about how they built lasting and impactful communities. Gain insight on the lessons they've learned, the skills that they have developed, and learn about how you can also build an impactful community TODAY.

If you have had an idea for awhile but have been too timid to take action or don't know how to get started, this is the event for you!

不知道从什么时候开始,"community" 或者"社群"这个词就突然火起来。大家都在聊。无论是微信微博的网红们、教育界的老师和学生们、运动爱好者们甚至每晚手拉手一起跳广场舞的大妈们都在讨论如果打造和维持一个适合自己的"圈子。"


对于一个还没有找到适合自己的"圈子"的人, TA 该如何寻找和接触适合自己的社群?而对于一个发现了一个社会需求并想建立一个社群的人来说,TA该如何从零开始打造一个社群?如何吸引志同道合的伙伴,来支持自己的理念和创意?将来又要如何扩大自己的社群组织,让它在保持长久的活力和号召力?


What will you get out of this event?

  • Hear from successful community leaders about their journeys in building lasting and impactful communities/organizations
  • Learn new tools and methods on how to build a community, develop a cohesive culture, and implement structures that allow a community to be sustainable
  • Receive advice from community leaders about how to grow/scale a community organization
  • Develop a better understanding about how to increase engagement among members and volunteers


  • 成功者故事:如何打造富有影响力和生命力的社群组织
  • 新工具和新方法:如何培育具有凝聚力的文化,推行利于社群可持续发展的组织架构
  • 社群领袖的建议:如何培育和扩大社群组织
  • 对社群的深入了解:如何促进社群成员和志愿者之间的互动

Who is this event for?

This event is open to everyone interested in learning how to build a long-lasting and sustainable community. There are no restrictions on age, gender, or nationality. The session will be conducted in English but will feature simultaneous interpretation in Chinese. If you need the interpretation services, please remember to bring your own headphones.



This event is brought to you by the Beijing Women's Network. Each month, we bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills and networks. If you are not yet a member of the Beijing Women's Network on WeChat, please add WeChat: ledo3454 and ask to be added into the groups.

本活动由Beijing Women's Network主办。我们每个月都会邀请各领域专家为中青年职业人士提供指导,帮助大家发展职业技能,拓展职业人脉。若您还不是Beijing Women's Network的微信会员,请加微信ledo3454并申请加入微信群。

Important Notice

We are unable to provide fapiaos to attendees and tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Proceeds from Beijing Women's Network events go to support our partner charity, Bethel China, who supports and educates abandoned children who are blind or visually impaired.


本活动不提供发票,门票一经售出概不退换。活动收入将用于资助Beijing Women's Network 的合作慈善组织爱百福(Bethel China),其主要工作是协助抚养和教育遭遗弃的视力障碍儿童。


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