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Debbie Ma M.D., Ph.D. (Doctor of Medicine and TCM)

Debbie Ma M.D., Ph.D.

Doctor of Medicine and TCM

Dr. Deborah C. Ma has been practicing acupuncture and oriental medicine for
more than 10 years. Deborah was born in the United States, raised in Taiwan,
and has eight years of medicinal training at Beijing University of Chinese
Medicine, where she received her medical degree and Ph.D. degree. She was
trained and practiced in Dong Zhi Men Hospital, Xi Yuan Hospital and Guo Yi
Tang Clinic in Beijing. Dr. Ma is also a licensed acupuncturist in California and
received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture from South Baylo University,
California, where she learned the different disease patterns between the East
and the West.

Dr. Ma is specialized in internal medicine, such as neurological
conditions, digestive disorder and pain management especially acute and
chronic musculoskeletal dysfunctions and neurological problems, such as
sciatica pain, neuropathy, and arthritis. Her Ph.D. research focused on
fatigue, memory and insomnia, which can be also effectively treated with
acupuncture and herbal medication. Dr. Ma’s unique combination of
abdominal, scalp, face and body acupuncture session effectively treats all
kinds of diseases and helps accelerating the recovery process.
For the past 2 years, Dr. Ma has worked on cruise ships in Europe and
America. She treated patients from all around the world; even the princesses
from Qatar and Kuwait, results of Dr. Ma’s needle works have made them
TCM believers. Chinese medicine aims at treating our body in a natural way,
while at the same time effectively prevents disease from happening and
results in healthy and balanced body conditions.

Brandon Trowbridge  (Chef Proprietor at GLO Kitchen + Fitness)

Brandon Trowbridge

Chef Proprietor at GLO Kitchen + Fitness

Brandon Trowbridge is the chef proprietor of several Beijing F&B brands. Focusing on creating new concepts, layout design, menu development, sourcing, and overall logistics of f&b projects. He has also worked for a number of successful eating establishments in Beijing, including Tribe, NOLA, and Great Leap Brewing. He holds a bachelor's of Hospitality and Culinary from the Nicholls State University in the US.