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Networking for Introverts

Cracking the Conversation Code

Across all cultures, networking is an important part of working life, and nowhere more so than here in our very own city, Beijing. However, for some of us, particularly those of us who might describe ourselves as introverts, just the word "networking" can make us anxious or nervous. Perhaps you have an extroverted friend who seems to slide into conversations with relative ease, while you resist temptation to look at your phone to avoid making conversation. You may even find yourself at networking events wondering how your friends do it, and how you can learn to "act" the same way.

What many introverts may not realise is that they are just as capable of networking as extroverts, without acting like one. Yes, it is possible to be true to your nature, and network effectively.

Do you want to learn how to channel your strengths as an introvert when networking? Are you ready to learn how you can not only network effectively, but even enjoy networking events? Do you want to learn how to develop a professional network and have more meaningful and fruitful exchanges at events?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions come along to our Networking for Introverts event on August 30th! Beijing Women's Network will assemble professionals with diverse backgrounds to help you crack the networking code and form authentic professional relationships.

What to expect from this event?

Being an introvert, you are most likely a good listener which is a big first step to building meaningful connections. Our event should equip you with more skills to further strengthen these relationships and help you initiate exchanges.

Following individual presentations, our panel of speakers will discuss their own personal experiences of building networks and offering tips on how you can network even better. During the Q&A, you will have the opportunity to ask further questions. Following the Q&A, we will host a short (introvert-friendly) interactive activity to give you an immediate opportunity to use your new skills!

What will you learn?

· How to develop effective networking skills

· How being an introvert can be a huge advantage in networking

· How to avoid common networking mistakes

· What to think about before your next networking event

Who is this event for?

This event is open to all who are interesting in learning how to network more effectively. There are no restrictions on age, gender or nationality.

Please Note: We are unable to provide fapiaos to attendees and tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Proceeds from Beijing Women's Network events go to support our partner charity, Xixi Garden.

Every month the Beijing Women's Network and JingJobs bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills at networks.

If you are not yet a member of the Beijing Women's Network on WeChat, please add wechat: samanthajingjobs and ask to be added into the groups.

About our partner Charity - Xixi Garden

Most students in China receive no education on sex or healthy relationships, making vulnerability to sexual assault a widespread public issue. This is particularly true among China's migrant communities, in which there is an above-average incidence of sexual assault and abuse each year, disproportionately affecting women and girls. Xixi Garden's objective is to empower migrant children with necessary knowledge, skills, and values for healthy development and positive social relations. Xixi Garden delvers a comprehensive sex and relationship curriculum in schools and community centers with large populations of migrant workers, including providing sex education training to teachers, students, and parents. Funding from Beijing Women's Network will support community workshops, enabling the organization to expand to additional migrant schools and communities.


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