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Do you have great ideas in the workplace, but feel your boss is not listening? Do you find it difficult to get people to see your point of view and believe in your offer? Do you feel you often end up with a raw deal?

As young professionals in an international business environment, we have many dynamic ideas and the energy to pursue these. Getting your ideas heard and implemented however is a whole different ball game, and you may struggle with persuading others to back your project or getting exactly what you want.

To zoom in on some of the higher level skills required for such interactions, join us for an events series around Powerful Communication Skills, with this month’s event focusing on Persuasion and Negotiation.

Every month, the Beijing Women’s Network and JingJobs bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills and networks. If you are not yet a member of the Beijing Women’s Network on WeChat, please add WeChat ID: samanthajingjobs and ask to be added into the groups.

Why Powerful Communication Skills?
Time after time, workplace communication skills are rated as an important area for self-improvement by women worldwide, as well as by the members of the Beijing Women’s Network.

The concept of “Workplace Communication Skills” is incredibly broad, with different people struggling with different aspects and underlying abilities. Therefore, we have designed an events series around this topic, where we will narrow down our focus to very specific skill sets each time.
What will this event cover?
For the first event of this series, we will focus on two complex situations that require high-level communication skills and strategies:
Persuasion and Negotiation.

Examples of topics to be covered during the speaker presentations and panel discussions:
  • How to understand your audience and target your messaging
  • Persuading your superiors versus persuading team members
  • Important aspects of influence: personal credibility, structuring your argument, communicating previous success
  • Changing mindsets: going from ‘no’ to ‘yes’
  • Negotiation techniques for e.g. salary, partnerships, contracts

During the Q&A and Networking sessions, guests can ask any additional questions around the topic of Persuasion and Negotiation.

Who is this event for?
Anyone, from all genders, is welcome to join. We will limit this session to 100 guests - so sign up as soon as possible!

Food and Drink will be available (1 free drink included within all tickets). Food will be provided at an extra cost and will be catered by Palms L.A. Kitchen and Bar. Only a limited amount of food will be available at the event, so please purchase a prepaid food ticket to guarantee your order.

Tickets are not refundable. Proceeds from Beijing Women's Network events go to support our partner charity, the Beijing Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women. We cannot provide fapiao for monthly events series.


Guest Registration
Speaker Presentations on Negotiation and Persuasion
Tom DukeZhou 周晨 CeciliaChenni Xu
  • Tom Duke (UK's Intellectual Property Attaché to China and Hong Kong at British Embassy Beijing)

    Tom Duke

    UK's Intellectual Property Attaché to China and Hong Kong at British Embassy Beijing

    In his role as the UK’s Intellectual Property Attaché to China and Hong Kong, and thanks to his extensive previous diplomatic experiences, Tom is an expert at negotiating with the biggest and most diverse international actors of them all: governments. Tom’s work is of critical matter to the cooperation between states and represents negotiation on the highest level.

    As the IP Attaché, he helps with building relations between governments and engages with IP policy makers, increasing the level of support for UK businesses within these markets. Tom works alongside UKTI, the British diplomatic network, and UK and EU-level industry associations and projects to ensure that UK stakeholder IP concerns are addressed and smoothly integrated into bilateral policy discussions. He is based in the British Embassy in Beijing, and also works with India, Brazil and South East Asia. He has lived and worked in the region for ten years and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

    Prior to joining the embassy, Tom was Director responsible for the IP Centre at the EU Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, South Korea. In Korea, Tom designed and implemented government engagement programmes on IP on behalf of European companies, and launched projects to enhance regional cooperation on IP enforcement.

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  • Zhou 周晨 Cecilia (Director of Strategy at Ogilvy)

    Zhou 周晨 Cecilia

    Director of Strategy at Ogilvy

    In her position as Director of Strategy at Ogilvy, Cecilia is an expert in the areas of strategy planning and branding consultancy. With over a decade of experience working for top marketing communications agencies, and key focus areas being integrated marketing, corporate branding and PR communications, Cecilia is a renowned marketing communications professional and has been awarded with numerous top global communication awards, .

    Cecilia works on full range, 360° campaign development and marketing strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies, as well as for local startups and internet companies. She is also an expert on digital and social media communication, and will be drawing on her extensive experience to share more about the wider topic of 'Persuasion'.

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  • Chenni Xu (Account Director of Brunswick Group)

    Chenni Xu

    Account Director of Brunswick Group

    Chenni is a corporate communications consultant at Brunswick Group, an advisory firm specializing in business critical issues. She helps clients play a more successful role in society through developing effective stakeholder communication strategies. Chenni has a working passion for the cultural and non-profit sectors, and enjoys the visual and performing arts outside of work. She has actively campaigned for democratic candidates as part of Beijingers for Blue States, is a member of the Beijing Women’s Network, and an executive committee member of the Columbia Alumni Association in Beijing. Chenni is a graduate of Columbia University with a dual degree in Economics and Political Science.

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Panel Discussion and Q&A
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