Customer enjoys the rights and carries obligations of members:

Customer rights

  • members have priority from EGO Shanghai street to buy buy goods and special offer goods membership rights
  • members enjoy shopping in Shanghai street, EGO draw points for award rights
  • integral members according to the less important holidays to enjoy EGO (by integral mall posters excluded)
  • members enjoy the right to know the market activity priority
  • members enjoy every year to win the right 6 points per year, members enjoy the integral 5000 points over the activities rights member

Customer obligations:

  • members have to ensure membership at the mall the authenticity of the information, to ensure customer's obligations
  • membership membership card shall not be lost, altered, damaged, and that do not alter the information of the membership card
  • Membership card on high Shanghai street is limited to members. I use
  • when members accept EGO Shanghai Street member services, please show your membership card automatically.
  • may not change the membership card information without permission, if any change, minor circumstances, shopping malls have the right to limit the normal use of this membership card or even void, in serious cases to the public security organs, judicial organs

  • Individual
    12 months
    Package price
    $500 / RMB 3,450

    Individual membership is available to all individuals at a price of $500/year

    • Application does not include processing fee of $100
    • Renewal before June 30th comes at 25% discount