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Xiaofei Zhao (Senior Solution Expert at NetEase)

Xiaofei Zhao

Senior Solution Expert at NetEase
David R J Messenger (CEO of LianLian Global)

David R J Messenger

CEO of LianLian Global

As CEO of Hangzhou-based LianLian Global, David is now focused on helping merchants around the world successfully start and grow their cross-border eCommerce businesses. LianLian Global strengthens the growth of 200k+ merchants across the globe through its platform, which provides payments and other services, including logistics, marketing, and compliance services.

David previously founded Nuna Network (acquired by LianLian), Mast Mobile (acquired by Hearsay), and was a senior executive at several companies, including American Express (where he led a major strategic partnership with LianLian) and Virgin Mobile USA (successful IPO and acquired by Sprint).  He was also a principal at Towers Watson and Price Waterhouse, leading major M&A integrations and transformation projects. David is a proud father, angel investor, and sailing enthusiast.

Oscar Ramos (Partner & Managing Director of Chinaccelerator)

Oscar Ramos

Partner & Managing Director of Chinaccelerator

Oscar Ramos, an entrepreneur-turned-investor, is the Partner & Managing Director of Chinaccelerator. Chinaccelerator is the cross-border internet arm of venture capital fund SOSV ($900m AUM) , where Oscar invests broadly across enterprise SaaS and cross-border internet startups, manages the accelerator program, and serves on the Board of Directors of several portfolio companies. At his current role, Oscar has made investment decisions on and helped accelerate the growth of 100+ startups. 

A “full-stack innovator” with expertise ranging from technology and product design to corporate strategy and venture capital, Oscar built and led his own micro-VC fund investing in early-stage Chinese startups prior to joining SOSV Chinaccelerator. He began his career in the corporate sector working with Ericsson and Telefonica in deep-tech applications such as mobile network protocols, cybersecurity, RF and media technology. His passion for innovation propelled him to move to China in early 2008 and drop out of his Biomedical Ph.D. program to start his first venture. Since then, he has since been involved in various areas of innovation as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to startups and multinationals.

Amit Gal-Or (General Manager at Innovation)

Amit Gal-Or

General Manager at Innovation

Amit Gal-Or has established and run six cross-border companies between China and Israel, covering sectors such as agriculture, medical care, automotive technology and real estate. He has set up teams in five different cities in China and Israel and has risen rapidly in the business community both in China and abroad. He received a bachelor's degree in economics from New York University Shanghai and a master's degree in law from Peking University. Today, Amit is running INNONATION, leading the world's largest China-Israel platform.

高安明在中国和以色列之间建立并运营了 6 家跨境公司,涉及农业、医疗、汽车科技和房 地产等领域。他在中国和以色列的 5 个不同城市建立了团队,在中外商界迅速崛起。他在 上海纽约大学获得经济学学士学位,在北京大学获得法学硕士学位。如今,高安明正在管理 INNONATION,引领着世界上最大的中以平台。

Irving Chen (Sales Director of Unitree)

Irving Chen

Sales Director of Unitree
Benjamin Speyer (Chair at Serica Group)

Benjamin Speyer

Chair at Serica Group
Jennifer Zhang (CEO of Huadan Angel Investment)

Jennifer Zhang

CEO of Huadan Angel Investment
Henry Huang (CEO of Hakim Unique Group)

Henry Huang

CEO of Hakim Unique Group
Frederic Bazin (Co-Founder of CoderBunker)

Frederic Bazin

Co-Founder of CoderBunker
Carl Breau (CEO of Saimen)

Carl Breau

CEO of Saimen

Carl Breau is a professional engineer and is the CEO of Saimen based. Saimen’s business licenses are for product engineering, electronics manufacturing, and electromechanical devices manufacturing. It is the largest Canadian-owned Contract Manufacturer in Asia, serving both established multinational companies, A Series, and crowdfunded start-ups. It had 71 customers in 2020. Saimen has engineering offices and factories both in China and Canada.
Carl holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 10 years of China management experience in both Multinational companies and SMEs. He is also a Certified Board Member. His expertise is in the management of projects with an engineering or technology element. Carl Breau was awarded the Exceptional Achievement Medal from the Canadian Council of Engineers in 1999.

Nadezhda Bukina (CEO of SanQ Marketing)

Nadezhda Bukina

CEO of SanQ Marketing
Marian Danko (Founder & CEO of weHustle)

Marian Danko

Founder & CEO of weHustle

Marian Danko is an entrepreneur from Ukraine with a passion for innovation and technology. As the founder of weHustle, a platform for innovators in China, Marian is working on connecting local and international scenes to build a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem. Many years of partnering up and working with 20+ tech and entrepreneur communities in China led Marian to launch TECOM Conf, an annual event celebrating the power of the community. TECOM Conf Shanghai 2019 brought Marian to Forbes China. In the same year, he won the Yicai Brilliant Award and entered the list by EqualOcean of 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs in China 2020. Marian has a deep understanding of a startup ecosystem with 9 years of China experience, making him a frequent speaker and panelist at many entrepreneurship and innovation-related events.

Marian Danko来自乌克兰,是一位对创新和科技饱含热情的连续创业者。weHustle是为创业者服务的平台,作为weHustle的创始人,Marian致力于将本地和国际社群的成员汇聚在一起,以建立一个多元化,包容性的生态圈。通过多年与超过20个中国科技创业社群合作累积的经验,Marian成功举办了TECOM Conf,一个年度性的盛大活动,充分展现了创业社群的力量。2019上海 TECOM Conf也带给了Marian被福布斯中国采访的机会。同年他获得一财全球最佳国际创业者称号,并入选亿欧2020外国企业家30人名单。中国的9年创业经历让Marian更深度理解整个创业生态圈,他也很荣幸多次受邀参加不同创业相关活动并分享其经验。

Ervins Gorelovs (Entrepreneur & Designer at Yuuhu)

Ervins Gorelovs

Entrepreneur & Designer at Yuuhu

Ervins Gorelovs origins from a 200-people village in rural Latvia (North-East Europe), but since 2017 he is residing in 10-million-Hangzhou, China. Inbetween these two milestones and 8000 km, Ervins has obtained a BSc in Architecture & Design from RISEBA University in Riga, Latvia, and an MSc in Enterprise Management from Zhejiang University in China.

In Latvia (Europe): A founder of a Graphic Design company (2014) and a co-founder of a Waste-management and upcycling related Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) back in Latvia.
In Hangzhou (China): Running a boutique Graphic Design company and together with the team is passionate about finding a solution to the common situation when Pets "do not talk human-language" and therefore urban pet care-takers quite often happen to leave their fluffy-ones needs misunderstood and unmet.

Passioned about: Design Thinking, Team Composition, and cracking Communication-related challenges.

Conviction: One shall not fight gravity but exercise it.

Anthony Leung (Managing Director of ?What If! / Accenture)

Anthony Leung

Managing Director of ?What If! / Accenture
Aizada Nurkalieva (Founer & CEO of AiNi)

Aizada Nurkalieva

Founer & CEO of AiNi

Aizada Nurkalieva, Founder and CEO of AiNi which is a tech company focused on solving social problems through AI. She is a member of the international model United Nations, she has led the team in Zhejiang Province International Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to win Gold prize, The 5th Zhejiang Province College Students' 'Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition winning Gold prize, The 5th Zhejiang National College Students' 'Internet Plus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Bronze prize and International Gold prize.

Caroline Pujo (COO at EVENT TV)

Caroline Pujo


Leveraging her corporate experience around Project Management and Process Transformation within international corporations, Caroline now dedicates her energy and passion to develop a B2B video platform for the entertainment & event industry.

Caroline is a great communicator and team leader, with an engineer background completed by a business education in ESCP Business School. She thrives in connecting people, activating ideas, turning thoughts into action, structuring and managing projects

Daniela Sena (CEO of Continental Comex)

Daniela Sena

CEO of Continental Comex

Daniela Sena é serial entrepreneur, KOL, e facilitadora das relações entre China e países estrangeiros desde 2010.

CEO da Continental Comex, uma rede de network estratégica com ampla experiência em Consultoria Internacional, Supply Chain Management, Controle de Qualidade, Desenvolvimento de Produtos e Private Labeling.

Em 2018, ela fundou a SheUp, plataforma com mais de 6 mil mulheres, de 65 nacionalidades, que encoraja o empreendedorismo feminino na China.
Também desenvolveu a Dici Cosmetics, marca de batons focada no mercado chinês e é Influencer e Livecommerce Specialist na Foreseekers.

Sua visibilidade nas redes sociais chinesas a levou a participar do reality show “The Day I Ran China” produzido pela Discovery Channel e Mango TV, transmitido em 43 países.

Foi indicada como uma das mulheres mais influentes de Hangzhou, o que a levou a participar da conferência organizada pelo grupo Alibaba The World She Made, onde ela teve a oportunidade de conhecer o Jack Ma.

Fabian-Alexander Triebe (Portfolio Manager at 8 Hours Ahead)

Fabian-Alexander Triebe

Portfolio Manager at 8 Hours Ahead
Michael Wang (CEO of Fishburners China)

Michael Wang

CEO of Fishburners China
Jake Watkin (Managing partner China at 8 Hours Ahead)

Jake Watkin

Managing partner China at 8 Hours Ahead

Jake is a Co-Founder of 8 Hours Ahead and the CEO of the Sino-European Technology & Innovation Centre in Hangzhou. He is also a Founding Committee Member of the British Chamber Shanghai Technology & Innovation Committee.

He has a 15-year career in tech and finance both internationally and in China, including 8 years over two periods – living in Hunan, Chongqing, Shanghai and now Hangzhou.

8 Hours is a partner for leading global technology companies who have ambitions to scale in China. We are a team of Sino-Global specialists with deep market expertise and partnerships throughout the commercial, investment, government and innovation platform ecosystem.

We have offices in London, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing with partner offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

Our sector focus is Industry 4.0, MedTech, AgTech, CleanTech and Smart Cities.

The Sino-European Technology & Innovation Centre is a 5000m2 space managed in exclusive partnership with the Hangzhou Gongshu District Government – providing access to significant grants, financing and policy support.

Jake’s remit is to project manage entry and scaling of our TechCo partners, whilst developing our wider tech, commercial, investment and government ecosystem – particularly throughout the Yangtze River Delta region.

Past roles include: GM of Asia Pacific Technology, Founding Executive Director of BritCham Chongqing, Principal of SASAC partnered SILK Ventures and Deputy Head of Private Equity with Peterhouse Capital in London.