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Christine Althauser (Consul General at Federal Republic of Germany)

Christine Althauser

Consul General at Federal Republic of Germany

Dr. Althauser was appointed Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai in August 2017. She studied Political Science, Slavic Languages and Literature and Sinology in Heidelberg, Taiwan, Moscow and Luxembourg and holds a doctoral degree from Heidelberg University. She joined the Federal Foreign Office in 1985. She was posted to the German Embassy in Beijing from 1987 to 1990, then she worked at the USSR/Russia desk at Federal Foreign Office in Bonn, at the German Embassies in The Hague, Moscow and at the Policy Planning Staff Section at the Federal Ministry of Defence in Berlin. She has also been posted to the Permanent Representations of Germany to the European Union in Brussels and to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and has served as Head of the Crisis Prevention Division at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. Prior to her assignment in Shanghai, Dr Althauser was Head of the Press Section at the German Embassy in Moscow and Ambassador of Germany in Skopje (Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia).

Claudia Barkowsky (Chief Representative at VDMA China Beijing Representative Office)

Claudia Barkowsky

Chief Representative at VDMA China Beijing Representative Office

Topic: The Global Production Language as Key to Success- OPC UA Companion Specifications

Claudia Barkowsky is heading the VDMA's representative office in Beijing since March 2016 and in this role is the main contact person within the VDMA for the promotion of OPC UA in China. The standard “Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture” (OPC UA) is increasingly establishing itself in the field of machine and plant engineering. It is an open interface standard that defines the mechanisms of cooperation in the industrial environment. What is already common in the office environment with network interfaces and the USB standard will also be a reality in production.

DeKey Sam郭文哲 (Integration Engineering Service Director, Greater China 大中国区系统集成工程部总监 of NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS 美国国家仪器(NI)有限公司)

DeKey Sam郭文哲

Integration Engineering Service Director, Greater China 大中国区系统集成工程部总监 of NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS 美国国家仪器(NI)有限公司

Topic: OPC UA: Industrial Interoperability From Sensor to IT Enterprise / Cloud 工业互操作性标准 从传感器到IT企业/云端

Sam De Key manages the Shanghai R&D site for National Instruments, a global leader in test, measurement, and control. Sam and his team develop cutting-edge software technologies to help engineers and scientists accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery.
Sam has been the Chief Technology Officer of the OPC Foundation China since June 2000. He actively promotes and evangelizes OPC technology in China through seminars, industry forums, and invited speeches. Sam currently serves as a member of Board of Directors in the Edge Computing Consortium.
Sam started his career as a software developer and had been in the software industry for over 20 years. Sam holds 12 US patents in the fields of instrument communication, embedded systems, and image processing. Sam received his BS Computer Science degree from De La Salle University in the Philippines and his MS Computer Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

郭文哲负责美国国家仪器(NI)有限公司(以下简称NI)的上海研发处, NI是在测试测量与控制技术的全球领导者。
20多年前,郭文哲就以软件开发者的身份开启了其职业生涯,此后一直致力于软件行业。 他在仪器通信、嵌入式系统以及图像处理等领域拥有12项美国专利。

Dr. Tobias Arndt安陶然 (General Manager 总经理 at KIT-GAMI 全球先进制造研究所)

Dr. Tobias Arndt安陶然

General Manager 总经理 at KIT-GAMI 全球先进制造研究所

Topic: Potential of Digitalization through Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence in China 通过工业4.0及人工智能发掘中国的数字化潜力

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Arndt completed his industrial engineering studies at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) with a diploma in 2012. During that time, he also received his Master of Science at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He was working as a research associate and project manager at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and for more than four years. Dr. Arndt conducted several research and consulting projects with industry related to production, logistics, and quality optimization. In his PhD thesis, he focused on quality control strategies in global manufacturing networks. Since 2017, Dr. Arndt serves as the General Manager of GAMI, establishing fruitful Sino-German collaborations between industry and research in the field of smart manufacturing and conducting projects in the fields of Industry 4.0 Roadmap Development, Digital Shopfloor Management, Intelligent Quality Assurance as well as Smart and Scalable Automation.


Ye Xin叶莘 (Managing Director  董事总经理 of ifm electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 易福门电子(上海)有限公司)

Ye Xin叶莘

Managing Director 董事总经理 of ifm electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 易福门电子(上海)有限公司

Topic: Plan ahead with data in mind - ifm system solution for condition based monitoring and maintenance 心中有“数”,防患未然—— ifm预测性维护系统解决方案

Mr. Ye Xin graduated from Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Germany. He has been engaged in research and development, intelligent manufacturing project as well as daily management in many leading German companies in the automation industry. With more than 20 years of experience, he has extensive practical experience not only in the automation industry, but also in the big data industry and witnessed the transformation of automation industry from tradition to digital upgrading. With the theme of “Sense the pulse of the machines”, relying on years of knowledge about Asian market and Industry 4.0, opening to the pain points of customers , Mr. Ye explained his understanding of the significance of predictive maintenance under smart factory, which has helped many users to build more efficient, intelligent and reliable digital factories through big data.


Ma Qian马骞 (Regional Industry Portfolio Manager 区域行业组合经理 at BALLUFF)

Ma Qian马骞

Regional Industry Portfolio Manager 区域行业组合经理 at BALLUFF

Topic: The Architects of smart manufacturing – Using Balluff innovative solutions as foundation 智能制造的建筑师 - 以巴鲁夫创新解决方案为坚固基石

Mr. Ma Qian is currently the Team Leader of Product Management at Balluff. He has professional background in electrical automation. He has 13 years of rich sales and industry management experience in the field of automation and industrial control. After joining Balluff in 2015, Mr. Ma has been focusing on product marketing in three vertical industries, formulating and implementing relevant industry strategies for the company, effectively promoting the development of Balluff's innovative automation business in three industries.


Lee Whigon李维刚 (Director of Key account Management at Lenze)

Lee Whigon李维刚

Director of Key account Management at Lenze

Topic: Automation goes blue digital platform empowers intelligence manufacturing 蓝色数字化平台赋能智造新动力

Mr. Whigon Lee is a senior expert in the field of factory automation and drive in China, with more than 18 years of experience covered from technical application to industry segment penetration, from business development to sales management. He is also a technical expert in intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0 of Lentz Group. He holds an executive MBA from Nanyang Technology University , Singapore, and bachelor's degree of electrical engineering and Automation from Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Since joining Lenze, Mr. Whigon Lee has established an excellent international customer management team, professional technical experts, and a strong sales and service, which has laid the foundation for Lenze China to continuously serve the localization business of international customers. He successively expanded Lenze international business to intelligent logistics, automobile manufacturing, woodworking machinery, textile machinery and other industries, and promoted Lenze to become an important supplier in the automation field of global machinery and equipment manufacturers.


Yin Fugen殷福根 (Product Specialist 产品专员 at Shanghai Pepperl+Fuchs Automation Trading Co., Ltd. 上海倍加福工业自动化贸易有限公司)

Yin Fugen殷福根

Product Specialist 产品专员 at Shanghai Pepperl+Fuchs Automation Trading Co., Ltd. 上海倍加福工业自动化贸易有限公司

Topic:IO-Link with OPC UA,to push field data to the cloud IO-Link融合OPC UA,助推底层数据上云端

Yin Fu Gen, Industrial communication product specialist, he joined Pepperl+Fuchs in 2017 as a product engineer, mainly responsible for industrial communication product market development; since 2019, served as industrial communication product specialist, mainly responsible for industrial communication products, IO link connection technology, OPC UA standardization promotion.

上海倍加福工业自动化贸易有限公司工业通信产品专员, 2017年加入倍加福担任产品工程师,主要负责工业通讯产品市场开发;2019年至今,担任工业通信产品专员,主要负责工业通讯产品,IO-Link连接技术、OPC UA标准化推广。

Zhang Wenjun章文俊 (Product Manager, GCN Product Marketing Management 产品经理,大中华业务区产品市场管理部 at Festo (China) Ltd.)

Zhang Wenjun章文俊

Product Manager, GCN Product Marketing Management 产品经理,大中华业务区产品市场管理部 at Festo (China) Ltd.

Topic: Digital Administration Shell: Thorough Transformation, Start from Field Level to Cloud Level 数字化管理壳:从现场层到云端的彻底转型升级

Wenjun, Zhang joined Festo (China) Co., Ltd. in August 2011 and has been focusing on the marketing, project application, support and training of pneumatic and electrical automation, and digital products (especially valve terminals, fieldbus and industrial Ethernet communication and control technology), successful cases cover automobile manufacturing, electronic light assembly, food and packaging, water treatment and life tech industries. Now Wenjun, Zhang is committed to the promotion and application of digital control terminal products and digital pneumatic technology (especially Festo Motion Terminal), to help customers develop and practice industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing innovation solutions.

章文俊于2011年8月加入费斯托(中国)有限公司至今,专注于以阀岛为代表的气动、电动相关自动化及数字化产品与现场总线工业以太网通讯控制技术的市场推广、项目应用、支持与培训,成功案例覆盖了汽车制造、电子轻装、食品饮料包装、水处理与生物制药等各个行业。目前,章文俊致力于以Festo Motion Terminal为代表的数字控制终端产品与数字化气动技术的推广与应用,助力客户一起开拓并实践工业4.0智能制造创新解决方案。

Zhou Chunrong周春荣 (Senior R&D Engineer of Automation Products & Solutions Division 自动化产品及解决方案事业部资深技术专家 at Weidmüller Interface (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  魏德米勒电联接(上海)有限公司)

Zhou Chunrong周春荣

Senior R&D Engineer of Automation Products & Solutions Division 自动化产品及解决方案事业部资深技术专家 at Weidmüller Interface (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 魏德米勒电联接(上海)有限公司

Topic: THINKING and PRACTICE for future industry: automation products and solutions from Weidmüller 面向未来工业的探索和实践——魏德米勒自动化产品和解决方案

He has more than 15 years of product design and development experience in the field of communication and industrial automation. He is familiar with such technologies as embedded design, Ethernet and data mining, etc. He is currently responsible for technical research and product development in field of IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) and Industrial Data Analytics.

He joined Weidmuller in 2011 and made a significant contribution to the localization development of Industrial Ethernet product line. Before that, he worked in the consumer electronics industry.



Jeb Insley (GM Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 数字化供应链和工业 4.0 总经理 at SAP (China) Co., Ltd.)

Jeb Insley

GM Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 数字化供应链和工业 4.0 总经理 at SAP (China) Co., Ltd.

Topic: Open Industry 4.0 Alliance – Accelerating interoperability and I4.0 工业4.0开放联盟 – 加速工业4.0生态融合和转型

Jeb Insley is the General Manger of SAP’s Digital Supply Chain Group for Greater China. With over 20 years of experience in the supply chain arena, Jeb has worked with companies large and small across numerous industries, helping establish themselves as innovative, game-changing companies positioned for success.
In his 6 years at SAP, he has been instrumental in the product growth and adoption of SAP’s new innovative portfolio of supply chain solutions such as Integrated Business Planning, Digital Logistics, Digital Manufacturing and Intelligent Asset Management. Jeb has led commercial and cross functional teams to support other innovation opportunities including SAP’s role in Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet technologies to establish SAP’s thought-leadership, solution capability and customer value realization.
Prior to SAP, held commercial sales and operational roles at various supply chain and cloud technology companies including Intel, IBM, SmartOps, Adexa and Cast Iron.
Jeb engages in creative dialogue with businesses and operations worldwide, addressing customer needs and introducing innovative business processes to drive transformation.

Jeb Insley 现任 SAP大中华区数字化供应链总经理。他在供应链领域拥有 20 余年的深厚经验,与各行各业各种规模的企业开展广泛合作,帮助他们通过创新和变革获得成功。
在 SAP 工作的 6 年里,Jeb一直致力于推动SAP创新供应链解决方案产品的销售增长和采用,这些方案包括:集成业务计划、数字化物流、数字化制造和智慧资产管理等。Jeb也带领销售和跨职能团队积极支持其他创新机会,包括通过提升 SAP 在工业 4.0 和工业互联网技术领域的影响力,树立 SAP 的思想领袖地位,凸显 SAP 解决方案的实力以及客户价值实现的能力。
在加入 SAP 之前,Jeb 曾在英特尔、IBM、SmartOps、Adexa 和 Cast Iron 等多家供应链和云技术公司担任产品销售和运营职务。

Wu Zero吴幸荣 (Product Manager 产品经理 at Digitalization ABPCN ABP中国区数字化业务)

Wu Zero吴幸荣

Product Manager 产品经理 at Digitalization ABPCN ABP中国区数字化业务

Topic: Edge computing application in foundry 边缘计算在铸造工厂的应用

Zero WU is the product manager of digitalization ABPCN responsible for market strategy setup, local digital solution and innovation, product localization and delivery in China. He joined ABPCN as a field service engineer in 2007 and promoted as department manager on 2010. In May of 2015, he took the lead for sourcing and localization tasks. December of 2019, he was in charge of digitalization business launch in Chinese market and released to the market on June of 2020. Zero WU is leading ABP Thailand and ABP India to organize the Asia digital team delivering high quality service and products to Asia customers