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Online events and webinars have been more popular than ever this year. Not only do we have an increasing number of online speaker series, skill-based webinars, we even have events that can help young professionals network and connect with each other.

But with so many online events, it's also getting more and more difficult to stand out. Whether you're someone that's interested in starting up your own online event series, someone that's looking to level up your webinar game or even if you're just someone that wants to learn how to host more productive and interesting online meetings, the Beijing Women's Network's got the perfect event for you!

Join us on August 27, 2020 at 8:30PM CST to learn how to host a killer online event.

What you'll get out out of this event?

  • Practical tips and tools on how to set up and manage online events
  • Comparison of the pros and cons of various online meeting products in China
  • Tour of Zoom's meeting and engagement features
  • A guide to hosting engaging and memorable online events

Who is this event for?

  • Individuals that are interested in starting up their own online event series
  • People that are looking to level up their webinar game
  • Team leaders that want to host more productive and interesting online meetings

If you haven't already been added into the BWN WeChat Groups, please add *WeChat: ledo3454* and ask to be added in.



但是在线活动数目繁多,一般的活动很难吸引眼球。如果您有兴趣启动自己的在线活动系列,希望优化您的网络研讨会,亦或是学习举办更加高效、有趣的在线会议,请报名参加北京女性协会(Beijing Women's Network,简称BWN)为您量身打造的活动!



· 有关如何安排和管理线上活动的实用建议和工具

· 比较国内各种在线会议产品的优劣

· 了解Zoom的会议和参与功能

· 引人入胜、令人难忘的在线活动举办指南


· 有兴趣启动自己的在线活动系列的个人

· 希望优化自己的网络研讨会的个人

· 希望举办更加高效、有趣的在线会议的团队领导


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