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ExxonMobil and FedEx cordially invite you to join their joint WEC member-hosted forum to not only understand the need and benefits of coaching, mentoring and sponsoring, but also how to implement or enhance these programs at your company.

作为WEC的会员公司,埃克森美孚和联邦快递诚挚邀请您参加由双方共同主办的联合论坛。通过此次论坛,您不仅能了解到coaching, mentoring和sponsorship的需求和成效,而且还可以了解到如何在您自己的公司内去实施和加强这些项目。

April 29, 2022

14:00 to 16:00

Online 线上论坛

Leaders from ExxonMobil and FedEx will share personal stories of how they achieved career goals through the support of coaching, mentors, and sponsors at their companies. You will have an opportunity to exchange ideas and reflect on how to set up these programs and gain the benefits for yourself and your workforce.

来自埃克森美孚和联邦快递的高管将分享他们的个人经历,讲述他们如何通过自己公司的coaching, mentorship和sponsorship的支持而取得了职业目标。您将有机会互相交换观点和看法,共同探讨如何为自己和员工去设置这些项目并从中取得成效。

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