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Looking for a fun way to spend Thanksgiving Day with your dear ones or new friends? Maybe you want to learn about some meaningful Turkey Day traditions? This mix of indoor activities will bring your family or your friends closer together in the true spirit of the holiday with the scope of helping others . Isn't that great?!

Everyone around ourselves or in your family can work up an appetite for your Turkey Day feast with a good turkey trot. You can bring a dish/snack you wish to share, additionally, to our potluck lunch. The added bonus? Most turkey trots donate registration fees to good causes, just as our event which supports our chosen charity, Xixi garden.

Looking for other ways to give back on Thanksgiving?

1. Your attendance and the willingness to be part of this event will automatically give back to young girls in the rural areas and to people in need that are supported by Roundabout. You can also create a craft or swap a piece of clothing/toy with one of the participants, from our event who you will share the space with. That will make a much more memorable way to spend the day.

2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

One admirable way to spend Thanksgiving Day is serving food to less-fortunate families at a soup kitchen, church or community center. We can't help on the holiday itself, but we can look into ways your families can pitch in beforehand, like getting rid of things we don't need anymore (declutter our houses) and donate food or Thanksgiving pies. Roundabout will come to collect our donations at the end of the event.

3. Arts and Crafts

Do you like creating?

We know the possible scene at your house:

-too busy to do anything or you're not close to your family or friends as you normally are during this time of the year.

-Mom is busy cranking out a feast in the kitchen. Dad is watching football. The kids are bored or cranky or running wild with their friends. Set the youngsters up with some simple craft materials so they can make these festive creations, or — even easier yet — break out the crayons and print out some holiday coloring pages to keep them entertained until turkey time.

This narrative could change this time as we will create crafts together for fun to use, give to our dear ones or those in need.

3. Give Thanks in Your Own Special Way

This is really what it's all about: Giving thanks for family, friends, the holiday feast, and other good fortune. Relatives and guests can give thanks for something verbally at the dinner table, write and exchange 'Thanksgiving thank-you' cards, or another unique way to give thanks will be by using our 'thank you tree'.

Showing gratitude in some way will help us learn about the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Cinema therapy: there's nothing better than finalizing this event with the 'inside out' movie for adults, parents and children , where everyone will gain an insight of how educational the movies we watch can be , when we guide our attention and stimulate our interest while helping ourselves develop 21st century skills.

Happy Holidays!

There's plenty to do besides food on Thanksgiving. Keep the whole family and friends entertained (and out of the kitchen) with some of these fun activities that we can will enjoy together.

Please Note: We are unable to provide fapiaos to attendees and tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Proceeds from Beijing Women's Network events go to support our partner charity, Xixi Garden.

About our partner Charity - Xixi Garden

Most students in China receive no education on sex or healthy relationships, making vulnerability to sexual assault a widespread public issue. This is particularly true among China's migrant communities, in which there is an above-average incidence of sexual assault and abuse each year, disproportionately affecting women and girls. Xixi Garden's objective is to empower migrant children with necessary knowledge, skills, and values for healthy development and positive social relations. Xixi Garden delivers a comprehensive sex and relationship curriculum in schools and community centers with large populations of migrant workers, including providing sex education training to teachers, students, and parents. Funding from Beijing Women's Network will support community workshops, enabling the organization to expand to additional migrant schools and communities.



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