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Adam Place (CEO of NUSIC)

Adam Place


Adam Place has been working in music for his entire career. From music projects with Fortune 500 projects, to collaborating with PhD's in music AI, to launching viral products which have racked-up multi-million views in days.

Adam will demonstrate his 8-minute investment pitch that attracted 89 investors to take a closer look at his startup DJ game company NUSIC. His team has developed a music game which allows anyone to create mixes & mashups of music and share it with their friends online. He says with his APP, “You be the DJ.”

Larry Schuster (Founder of The Storytelling Company)

Larry Schuster

Founder of The Storytelling Company

Larry is a speech coach at TEDx and Chinaccelerator, one of Asia’s top incubators for growing promising startup companies. He assists Startup CEOs to prepare for their investment pitches, to raise the funds they need to thrive.

He is founder of The Storytelling Company, a Shanghai-registered company, that provides support for companies, their executives and individuals to deliver memorable messages that matter to them and to their audiences: Proposals, pitches, self introductions, industry presentations.

Larry is also TEDx speech coach, and awarding winning speaker and speech evaluator. He applies 25 years of storytelling, editing, writing and interviewing as a journalist, to coach senior executives, world champion athletes and you to give life to compelling messages.

Clients have included executives for Aedas (pronounced EYe-das), one of the world’s top architecture and design companies; Harman, a world leader in consumer audio systems such as JBL; and a 7-time world champion women’s boxer.

Larry will share some examples from his coaching experience, about what works and what doesn’t to attract investors. And you will see the results of his coaching work in Adam Nusic, a startup CEO, who will present on this program. His 8-minute speech attracted interest from 89 investors.

Ryan Shuken (Partner and Program Director of Lean Venture Partners)

Ryan Shuken

Partner and Program Director of Lean Venture Partners

Ryan Shuken is a Partner and Program Director of Lean Venture Partners, partnered with Chinaccelerator, one of Asia’s top incubators for startup companies. He is the growth-hacker in residence at Chinaccelerator, and founder of the #1 startup podcast in China. He has founded and built startups on three continents. Specialized in building metric-driven growth strategies, Ryan helps companies optimize growth in Asia / SEA and developing markets. his growth hacking has helped startups grow from 0 to over 1 million users in just one month and also helped another startup grow from 0 to 38 million WeChat views.

He will share his secret startup playbook, from pitfalls, to best practices to drive you toward success. He’ll give you just a taste on how to develop your ideas, and build up your startup.