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Greta Bradford (Co-founder and MD of Relay Video)

Greta Bradford

Co-founder and MD of Relay Video

Greta, a China veteran of 15 years, is the co-founder and MD of Relay Video, a venture-backed creative video agency. With deep experience in producing, advertising, events, and storytelling, she is passionate about cross-cultural projects that connect China and the US. As an industry veteran who truly understands what doing business in China entails and what it takes to succeed as a startup, she is adept at crafting China’s tech stories for a global audience.

Founded in Beijing in 2016, Relay Video’s core mission is telling China’s tech innovation story to the world, one video at a time. Now with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen & Shanghai, Relay is a robust startup to watch. Relay works with large tech brands such as Tencent, Mobike, Xiaomi and earlier stage startups, delivering best-in-class video content for international audiences.

Bella Cheng (National Inventory Manager at SELECTED)

Bella Cheng

National Inventory Manager at SELECTED

Bella has over 10 years of experience in commodity management and has a high sensitivity for fashion, the clothing market, and data analysis. She has rich experiences in retail and commodity operations, inventory management, and leading creative teams. Since joining SELECTED in November 2016, Bella has assisted VPs in transforming SELECTED into a rare lifestyle brand that pursues quality and suitability for both elite male and female professionals.

Dionne Holder (Managing Director of FreemanXP China Office)

Dionne Holder

Managing Director of FreemanXP China Office

Dionne is a master in the art of relationship building and event organization
This combination is quintessential to her success in her current role as a leader. She has lived in China for almost twenty years and she has a great appreciation for the people and culture. She knows that the key to success in the market understands the audience. Her expertise includes event creation and conception, brand building, and customer relationship management.
Her dynamic personality, extreme creativity, and top-notch listening skills are also part of the recipe that makes her shine. She provides clients with the opportunity to share their goals and, in turn, she helps them to find solutions that will improve their business. Dionne speaks, reads, and writes Mandarin, which is essential to building relationships in China. Her understanding of the Chinese language and culture is instrumental in communicating the FreemanXP values and capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.  
Dionne has worked in the event industry for fifteen years in many different roles. Her background working with many different brands in operations allows her to understand brand experiences from a variety of different angles. Her effervescent and cheerful personality makes her an easily approachable team-player.

“I work to instill a sense of confidence in our work and in our brand.”

Xiru Tang (CEO of FirstCuts Pictures)

Xiru Tang

CEO of FirstCuts Pictures

Tang co-operated with October Pictures, going on to become a partner in 2005. They worked together with international teams on various notable international films to produce films such as Spy Game (2001), Die Another Day (2002), Tomb Raider II (2003), My Wife Is a Gangster 3 (2006), Batman: The Dark Knight (2008), etc.

In 2008, Tang founded FirstCuts Pictures, and launched the FirstCuts Film Project and STAR Screenwriting Workshop, which served to build up an international platform for discovering and cultivating film talent. The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman was the first feature to be produced from this film program and went on to receive 4 nominations at the Golden Horse Awards, winning Best Director and Best Production Design. The graduates of screenwriting program have all been involved in top film and TV projects.

Tang was also the executive producer for the movies Time to Love (2015), A Decoration on a Stone Mill (2016), and a producer and distributor for 2018 TV series The Double.

With a PhD in Comparative Literature and World Literature from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tang is still advancing her academic work and is currently engaged in post-doctoral research at the Cultural Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Tang’s work, a mixture of shorts, features and documentaries, have been selected at a number of international film festivals such as Pusan, Hong Kong and Rome.