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Guest Check-In

Guests will check-in at this time. The event will begin at 2:00 pm sharp.


A welcome introduction to the BWN's Healthy Living Series event and an introduction to Gita and Holly.

The Beginning: Finding a Passion for Fighting
Holly PriestlandGita Suharsono

Gita and Holly will share how each one found their passion for fighting and what influenced them to pursue their newfound interest.

  • Holly Priestland (Professional Trainer at Capital Training Center &  CrossFit Slash)

    Holly Priestland

    Professional Trainer at Capital Training Center & CrossFit Slash
  • Gita Suharsono (Professional Fighter)

    Gita Suharsono

    Professional Fighter
The Challenges: Making the Transition

Gita and Holly will share some of the initial challenges they faced when making the transition to focus their time and energy on becoming professional fighters.

A Week-in-the-Life-of a Professional Fighter & Trainer

Gita and Holly will share what a typical week of training looks like for them and how they stay motivated.

The Future: Setting Goals and Inspiring other Women in the Sport

Gita and Holly will share what their future goals are, how they plan to achieve them as well as share their thoughts on how other women can get involved in the sport.

Open Q&A

We will open up questions to the audience for the remaining time of the event.