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Greg Gregoriou (Associate Vice President at HSBC)

Greg Gregoriou

Associate Vice President at HSBC

Greg graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and from the University of Glasgow with a postgraduate degree in Financial Risk Management with distinction and a full scholarship from the Scottish Funding Council.

Former analyst in Morgan Stanley within Operational and Market Risk Division. Currently AVP in HSBC covering Traded Risk Transformation projects. Delivered Brexit related project that would enable HSBC to expand its businesses post-Brexit and currently covering FTRB Regulatory projects.

Has been offering career and educational services over the last 4 years, in an attempt to share insightful details gained through the working experience in top investment banks.

Greg 本科毕业于塞浦路斯大学的的土木工程专业,随后以distinction的成绩硕士毕业于英国格拉斯哥大学的金融风险管理专业,并获得了苏格兰基金委员会颁发的全额奖学金。他曾担任摩根士丹利运营和市场风险分析师。目前就任HSBC的AVP(Associate vice president),负责交易风险转换项目;领导的脱欧相关项目将使汇丰能够在英国脱欧后继续扩展业务,同时他还负责FTRB监管项目。在过去4年里,Greg一直在为学生提供专业的求学和职业咨询服务,分享其在顶级投行工作中所收获的职场经验。

Kyri Inios (Investment Bank Department at BNP Paribas)

Kyri Inios

Investment Bank Department at BNP Paribas

Kyri graduated first in class from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor degree in Economics and from Imperial College London with a postgraduate degree in Finance with a fully-funded scholarship.

Currently an investment banking analyst at BNP Paribas in London covering international financial institutions. Extensive transactional experience both with the UK and international clients mostly on M&A and DCM mandates. Has been tutoring students and offering career advice over the last two years, with the sole purpose of helping senior students pursues the careers they really want.

Kyri 本科以一等学位毕业于塞浦路斯大学经济学,并在英国伦敦帝国理工学院获得金融研究生学位,曾获得学院全额奖学金。Kyri现任法国巴黎银行驻伦敦投资银行分析师,负责国际金融机构业务发展,主要在国际并购和国际债务资本市场授权中有丰富的交易经验,在过去的两年里Kyri本着帮助学生追求理想职业的目标,一直在为学生们提供专业的指导和职业发展建议