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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

Whether we like it or not, we become the stories we tell ourselves.

Studies have demonstrated that the inner narratives we assign ourselves have a tremendous impact on our mindset, emotional state and how we present ourselves to others. The bad news is that many of us are telling ourselves the wrong story!

Have you ever thought:

  • "I am who I am because X happened to me"
  • "I want to go for that exciting opportunity but I'm not that type of person"
  • "Everyone else is always better at X than me"

Then chances are that you are deceiving yourself with your own story. It's time to break this self-limiting cycle with a narrative reset!

Grab a mirror and join us to expose the voices that hold you back from seeing your true, honest-to-goodness self. With probing questions and interactive exercises, our speaker, Chrislyn Choo, will draw upon her experience in film and neuroscience to help you visualize the paradoxes in your personal narrative and generate clarity and movement to live out your most authentic story.

Through this workshop you will:

* Become more aware of your limiting beliefs and identify where they come from

* Hone and communicate your personal value proposition (PVP) with confidence

* Identify your next best steps to live in alignment with your values and convictions

What to bring?

Nothing but pen and paper!

About the speaker

Chrislyn Choo is a proud student of story. An Emmy-winning video producer, photographer, and speaker, she documents global migration journeys, from artists addressing displacement in Colombia, to tracing her family's roots in Malaysia and China. Chrislyn builds bridges across cultures and sparks curiosity in the stories that connect us by creating honest, inclusive space to embrace our mosaic identities.

Based in Beijing, Chrislyn is the Multimedia Content Officer at My China Roots, a platform empowering Chinese Overseas to trace their ancestry. She designs immersive experiences and workshops inspiring people to share their family's stories, most recently at the 2019 STORY Conference and Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit. In her free time, Chrislyn vlogs and interviews people on The Chrysalis Chronicles, her passion project about finding home and belonging amidst change. Raised in New Jersey by a gutsy duo from Penang (food capital of the world!), she loves nothing more than gathering around a table for story time and delicious food.

Who is this event for?

This event is open to everyone! There are no restrictions on age, gender, or nationality. The workshop will be held in English and limited to only 20 participants so please sign up ASAP!

This event is brought to you by the Beijing Women's Network as part of its Applied Skills series. Each month, we bring together experts from diverse backgrounds to empower young and mid-range professionals to build upon their professional skills and networks. If you are not yet a member of the Beijing Women's Network on WeChat, please add WeChat: nandini88 and ask to be added into the groups.

Important Notice

We are unable to provide fapiaos to attendees and tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Proceeds above costs from Beijing Women's Network events go to support our partner charity, Bethel China, which supports and educates abandoned children who are blind or visually impaired.


















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