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Digitalization is already underway, so embracing it is not a matter of if, but instead of when and how. In fact, many associations & community-led organizations realize the transition to digital is no longer just an option, but rather a necessity to compete for, and retain membership. Digital transformation in the Association Industry brings many opportunities as well as challenges, including:

  • Difficulties in attracting new members to exclusive membership models so prevalent in professional associations, which face increased competition from the social network or virtual communities.
  • A conflict between providing gated access to information and a shift towards the democratization of information.
  • Tools or resources to handle large amounts of data from an international membership base are often under-utilized.
  • The rapidly growing incorporation of digital technology in event and conference planning.

Overall, professional associations today need to become agile and adaptable in an environment that demands a flexible and personalized approach, one of the cornerstones of digital transformation in the association industry.

So Should Your Association Go "All Digital"?

Join us our panel of experts to take a look at the most effective strategies and solutions; and

find out how professional associations are embracing digital transformation processes and changing the way they interact with their members.


Rickie Gong (Vice President Of Sales at Glue Up)

Rickie Gong

Vice President Of Sales at Glue Up

Arnaud Kouassi (Founder of Glue Inc.)

Arnaud Kouassi

Founder of Glue Inc.

Afee Zhang (Head of Business Growth, China China Sales & Marketing at Glue Up)

Afee Zhang

Head of Business Growth, China China Sales & Marketing at Glue Up

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