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Join the call + introduce yourself in the chat!

We will be using Zoom/ Tencent meeting for this Startup Weekend.
This is the time where you can start joining in the call, introduce yourself in the chat and start connecting with each other!

Event Kickoff

Welcoming you joining the 1st online edition of Startup Weekend in China!

We will cover:
- What to expect in the next 2.5 days
- How this event is going to run
- A little bit of introduction about Startup Weekend and Techstars
- Organisers Introduction
- Who are the mentors and judges

To make sure you're clear about the process before we jump in to the pitching session!

Pitching Your Ideas!Up To 25 Ideas Can Be Presented

This is the time where you will be presenting the business ideas that you have in 1 minute

This is the time for other people to get to know about what problems you want to solve, why you want to solve it, and how you're planning to solve it

Team Formation

After listening up to 25 ideas from different people, this is the time where you'll be deciding which team members you want to work with and the projects that you're going to work on in the next 2.5 days.

Our organisers will be hosting different video chat rooms for you to interact with the idea owners and assist you to form the team.

End of Day 1! Key Reminders For The Next Day!

We will share about the workshops that are going to happen on Saturday, the mentors schedule and some other key reminders!

What to expact for day 2?

We will be sharing today's schedule, mentoring sessions and the workshop sessions.

Day 2 Begins!

Rolling into the call! Chat with other participants.

WorkshopLean Canvas

A workshop for lean canvas


We have invited mentor to give a workshop on UI/UX Design!

Work Session

This is the time where you and the team will work together virtually based on what we shared with you during the workshop!

Team Check-in

Let's have dinner together, we can eat and talk on Zoom!

Afternoon session begains!

Rolling into the call! Chat with other participants.

WORKSHOPBuild a Serverless Startup in just 30 Minutes
Mentoring Section

We have invited different mentors that will be joining in to mentor each team to support your project.

You'll be joining the mentoring session via meeting links.

Dinner Time
WorkshopHow to Pitch

Workshop form a mentor abouot how to write your business plan and how to pitch

Welcome to Day 3!

Welcome! Check-in with everybody in the chat and share your progress.

Work Time

Prepare your pitch with other team members

Pitching Rehersal

Do pitch rehersal with two mentor groups. It's a great change to practice before final pitch!


Let' have lunch!

WorkStructure and Practice Your Pitch
Pitch Submission

Submit your presentation deck to make sure you secure the spot for pitching your ideas.

Registration for people hloding Sunday tickets

People holding Sunday observation ticket rolling into the call

Final Pitching!

Every team will be given 5 minutes time to present and judges will have 3 minutes to ask questions.

Announcing the Winners and Closing for the event!