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Dear Members,

The AI's Impact on Cybercrimes and IPR Protection Research Project conducted by GAPPC and Peking University (PKU) has been successfully accomplished.

GAPPC would like to hold an off-line and on-line exchange meeting in Beijing on June 20, 2023 (Tuesday) together with Professor Jiang Su's team from PKU, who is also the principal contributor of the project. Professor Jiang Su's team will present the research and discuss with representatives of QBPC member companies attending the event on the research topics. The detailed agenda and the research paper will be provided in due course, please stay tuned.

We look forward to your participation! To better understand your interest in attending, please complete your registration by 18:00 (Beijing Time) on June 12.

Time:13:30pm - 17:30pm | June 20, 2023

Venue:Kai Yuan Building, Peking University

Address:No.5, Summer Palace Road, Haidian District, Beijing


Registration Deadline:18:00 pm, June 12


Kai Yuan Building, Peking University

No.5, Summer Palace Road, Haidian District

If you have any questions please contact Lilian Liu

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+86 18612805371

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