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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "spin"?

Well, according to Cambridge Dictionary, "spin' means to turn around and around.

In the world of BeHive, skills and personal development, SPIN is a sales strategy that can help us improve our sales skills.

Why are sales skills important?

Gaining sales skills could help us to sell ourselves in a job or university interview, win financing, bring in investors, or land customers. In the early stages of getting our first job or starting a new company, everything involves sales.

Understanding the sales process, and how to build long-term customer relationships, is incredibly important regardless of the industry or career we choose.

What is SPIN?

The SPIN sales strategy comes from Neil Rackham's 1988 classic, "Spin Selling." It's based on 12 years of research and 35,000 sales calls! To win larger deals, Rackham argues salespeople must abandon traditional sales techniques. Rather than twisting their customers' arms, they need to build value, identify needs, and ultimately, serve as a trusted adviser.

SPIN stands for the four stages of the questioning sequence:

· S: Situation

· P: Problem

· I: Implication

· N: Need-Payoff

We are honoured to be joined by Crystal from Infinity Growth who will guide us through the process of understanding the framework and enhancing our sales skills. Sales is an underrated skill that can be used in our future careers as well as in everyday situations. Join and SPIN with us this Thursday evening and take your sales skills to the next level!


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