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Nobody put it clearer than Jack Welch, American business icon, who commented " If you have employee engagement, and the cash flow is right, you can be sure your company is healthy."

2020 continues to serve up volatility and unpredictability in unfathomable portions, and now the race is on to both survive and thrive.

An organization can operate with no profit, but cannot function without cash. To increase cash flow, it requires the contribution and engagement of everyone within an organization.

Celemi Apples & Oranges™ enables your people to realize how their daily decisions impact cash flow and other key financial metrics, so everyone can have the confidence to explore new ideas and make the decisions that make a difference.


  • Allan Boyd (Senior Consultant at Celemi - Making Change Happen)

    Allan Boyd

    Senior Consultant at Celemi - Making Change Happen

    Allan is an experienced consultant and solution design professional with over 7 years’ experience in coaching and delivery of capability improvement.
    Allan has a passion for change management and data-lead decision making supporting both clients with program development and engaging the next generation of workforce through university guest lectures.

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Naughty Beer

Rainbow Walk (Lake Front east of Suzhou Centre) Suzhou SIP
Su Zhou, Jiang Su, China

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