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Venue Location
Venue Location

Jiangsu Jintan Economic Development Zone (JTEZ)

No.2898, Xincheng Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu江苏省常州市金坛区鑫城大道2898号

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Contact Person: Nini Qi
Event Details
Event Details

Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

SwissCham Shanghai is delighted to invite you to visit Jintan Economic Development Zone (JTEZ). JTEZ is a provincial-level economic development zone lies in the east of Jintan district of Changzhou city and was approved and founded by Jiangsu Provincial Government in 1993.

A growing number of well-known companies from home and abroad has gathered here and emerging industries have been springing up. Backed by industrial foundation, ecological living environment and favorable investment conditions, JTEZ has become one of the most competitive and potential dynamic development zones for investment in the Yangtze River Delta in China. JTEZ has main industrial parks like Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industry Park, Bio-pharmaceutical industrial park, etc.

Until the end of 2020, over 2500 enterprises from different industries have invested in JTEZ, of which 190 are foreign-funded, such as Saurer, EMAG, Schweizer, Caplugs, Vigel and so on.

During the day, we will pay a visit to the following companies:

Welcome to join this full-day business trip. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,

Your SwissCham Team

Company Introduction
Company Introduction


The EMAG Group is one of the few suppliers of manufacturing systems that cover the whole process chain, from soft to hard machining. Access to a wide range of technologies (turning, drilling, milling, gear cutting, grinding, laser welding, ECM deburring, PECM machining, induction hardening and automations) allows EMAG to implement complete process chains not only for the manufacture of gearbox, engine and chassis components but also of components for the non-automotive sector.

A company steeped in tradition with global headquarters in Salach, Germany, the EMAG Group capitalizes on the collective knowledge of its technology companies to offer modular and custom innovative manufacturing systems with world-class precision.


Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is technology leader in safe automation technology. In this area, Pilz is consistently developing a role as a total solutions supplier with solutions for safety and automation technology. The objective of Pilz is to automate plant and machinery in such a way that the safety of human, machine and environment is always guaranteed. In addition to the head office in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Pilz is represented by 42 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

Pilz offers complete automation solutions based around its core skill of safety – from sensor technology to control and actuator technology. The product range is being expanded to include corresponding software tools, diagnostic and visualisation systems as well as services. So complete system solutions emerge. Complete also means that our solutions consist both of automation solutions and safety solutions. To do this, we merge safety and automation into one solution.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging and automotive industry, robot applications, plus the wind energy and railway technology sectors. These solutions guarantee that baggage handling systems run safely at airports, that theatre scenery moves smoothly and funiculars or roller coasters travel safely.


SVOLT Energy Technology (formerly the Battery Business Unit of Great Wall Motor) started pre-research work on batteries in 2012, and separated as an independent entity in February 2018. Headquartered in Changzhou, Jiangsu, SVOLT is committed to spearheading innovation in the manufacturing and R&D of the next-generation of battery materials, cells, modules, systems, BMS and energy storage systems. The company has about 3100 employees, including 1400 R&D engineers. It will invest 26 billion yuan in global planning for plant construction by 2025. By the end of January in 2020, the company has finished 1061 patent applications in China and five Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications as well.

Program Rundown
Program Rundown
  • 09:00 Gathering at the platform of Changzhou North Railway Station 常州北站月台集合
  • 09:50 Visit to EMAG 参观埃马克
  • 10:50 Visit to Pilz 参观皮尔磁
  • 11:30 Business Lunch 商务午餐
  • 12:50 Visit to SVOLT 参观蜂巢能源
  • 13:40 Visit to the exhibition hall 参观展厅
  • 14:15 Tea break 茶歇
  • 14:30 Seminar: Introduction of Innovation Park and Panel discussion 推荐交流会
  • 16:00 Departure to Changzhou North Station 返回常州北站 
Essential Information
Essential Information


Train tickets between Shanghai and Changzhou shall be purchased by the guest. Shuttle bus transportation in town is provided by JTEZ. 

Meeting Point 集合地点:

Platform of Changzhou North Railway Station (More details of the meeting point would be announced before the event)


Meeting Time 集合时间:

09:00 AM

Suggested High-speed Train Timetable


07:47 – 08:49 G1232 From Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to North Changzhou Railway Station 上海虹桥火车站至常州北站

17:22 – 18:17 G1817 From North Changzhou Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station 常州北站至上海虹桥火车站

Pandemic Control 疫情防控

Please inform SwissCham team (mail to: if you:

  • have a medium- to high-risk residence/travel history within 14 days
  • have a star on the travel code

如您有以下情况,请在活动前通过邮件(mail to: 通知主办方:

  • 14天内有中高风险旅居史
  • 行程码带有星号
Participation requirements
Participation requirements

SwissCham Shanghai will reserve the right to make the final decision in regard to the participation list. Since there are limited seats available in the delegation, the final confirmation will be communicated by email to all applicants. 瑞士商会将筛选报名名单。座位有限,请以最终邮件确认为准。

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners

Member Price

Register now and payment will be received by email notification.

RMB 100

Non-Member Price

Register now and payment will be received by email notification.

RMB 200

RSVP deadline: Tuesday, January 11

申请截止日期:1.11 星期二

Refund Policy & Disclaimer
Refund Policy & Disclaimer

退改政策 Cancellation of RSVP

如果您要取消出席活动,请在活动开始前48小时写邮件给。如未能及时取消,我们视同默认付款. 若非瑞士商会主办的活动,取消规则请参照活动主办发布的条款。

In case you need to cancel your attendance to the event, please write an email to: at least 48 hours prior to the event. Failure to cancel your RSVP timely will require the payment of a "no show bill" of the full amount stated in this invitation. You can contact Nini Qi by telephone: 021 5368 1237. For third-party events, the event terms and conditions of the event organizer apply.

免责声明 Disclaimer


Please notice that Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (as the host of the event) will take photographs from the event and might post these on its public webpage and or social media platforms in order to create awareness of its events. By attending this event you consent to the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce Shanghai taking and using photographs of you as described above. Please contact [] if you have any inquiries related to this matter.