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QBPC will hold the meeting with ByteDance in Beijing from 9:00am to 11:00am on October 21(Specific venue is TBD). In order to allow more members to participate in the exchange, we will arrange online participation through Microsoft Teams for those who are unable to attend onsite. Lin Jianwen, Senior Director of Security Affairs responsible for fighting counterfeit infringement will represent ByteDance at the conference.

QBPC将于10月21日上午9:00-11:00在北京与字节跳动举行交流会(具体地点待定)。为了方便更多的会员参与交流,我们将通过Microsoft Teams为无法现场参会的会员安排在线参会。负责打击假冒侵权的安全事务部高级总监林建文将代表字节跳动参加此次会议。

Host主持: QBPC BPEC Chair Conan Chen, Amazon

Language语言: Chinese中文


  1. Address by Michael Ding, QBPC Chairman 品保委主席开场发言
  2. Address by Mr. Jianwen Lin, Senior Director of Security Affairs Department, ByteDance字节跳动安全事务部高级总监介绍
  3. Exchange between QBPC Members and ByteDance 品保委会员与字节跳动交流环节
  4. Closing remarks by QBPC 结语

Oct 21, 2020

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT+8)

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