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Three experts from Dürr Systems AG, centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG and Palas Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. give insights on solutions in the field of environmental technology and sustainability.

Dürr's Thermal Oxidation processes for air purification in China

  • Electrical and fuel fired regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Direct fired incinerators for explosive gases and liquid waste
  • Dürr's air purification experience in China and Jiangsu province

centrotherm clean solutions - Effective Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Semiconductor Industry through Smart Point-of-use Gas Abatements

Perfluorocarbon gases (PFCs), having been widely used as etch precursors in semiconductor industry, are part of significant Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases. Thorough treatment of those PFC gases has fully challenges of high consumption of primary energy source (fuel gas or electricity), high destructive removal efficiency (DRE) and emission of NOX associated with abating combustion process. By using smart abatement system, high reduction potential of PFCs / CO2e and significant saving in fuel energy and O2 could be realized in semiconductor industry, due to intelligent communication of manufacturing process equipment and abatement systems with automatic adjustment of combustor power intensity and proposed minimization of N2-pump purge flow to just needed level into the abating combustor.

WHO New AQG 2021 and Palas's Support in Finding Local Pollution

In recent years, China's air quality has improved significantly, while particulate matter remains to be one of the main pollutants in urban ambient air. With the release of WHO's "Global Air Quality Guidance" in 2021, focus of particulate matter control in China and the world will continue. In China, the challenge comes more from fine particulates. It is necessary to study the source, cause, and change of fine particulate matter. Palas SPADS technology can measure 5 PM values simultaneously and provides PSD info. as low as 180nm, which facilitates online monitoring and particle size traceability in the background of declining particle pollution levels.



  • Carsten Walddoerfer (Team Leader R&D, Product Management at Dürr Systems AG)

    Carsten Walddoerfer

    Team Leader R&D, Product Management at Dürr Systems AG

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  • Xinan JIA (General Manager Asia at centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG)

    Xinan JIA

    General Manager Asia at centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG

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  • Jun DENG (Business Development Manager at Palas Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

    Jun DENG

    Business Development Manager at Palas Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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