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Webinar Details
Webinar Details

Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

The world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival was brought to China in 2021 by Mr. Ernst-Jan Tolen and Mrs. Joyce Peng Peng. In 2021, under the severe epidemic situation, the Montreux Jazz Festival China was successfully making the debut edition in front of the West Lake, Hangzhou. Lots of festival goers claimed it "the only music festival in China with an European vibe".


In 2023, a 6-day Montreux Jazz Festival China 2nd edition is going to be held in Suzhou Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Resort from September 27th to October 2nd, with more than 5 stages for musicians from over the world. The festival location is an hour's drive from Shanghai.


With 57 years history, the Montreux Jazz Festival is the only music festival in the world that has the title of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - "Montreux Music Archive", and it also represents the world's top level.


With "Where Legends were born" as the slogan, the music festival has been committed to diverse music types and various collaborations over the years, and has achieved brilliance in the fields of music, art, culture, environmental protection, innovation, sustainability and the cultivation of young music talents.


The brand-new Montreux Jazz Festival China inherits the Swiss DNA and is carried forward in China with "The Encounter of East and West" as the slogan, and it will continue the spirit of the festival and build a new bridge for the integration of Chinese and international culture and other fields.


On May 9th, JOYCE PENG PENG and ERNST-JAN TOLEN will host a speech to the members of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, sharing a 57-year music journey, a journey from Switzerland to China with a few videos, and a song… thus starting 2023 We look forward to cooperating with you to participate in miraculous encounters!

At the webinar, 10 lucky people will be randomly selected to give away 20 festival tickets on September 27 and 28. We warmly welcome everyone in Suzhou Fairmont Yangcheng Lake resort to experience the music festival in golden autumn.

Best regards,

SwissCham Shanghai







拥有57年历史蒙特勒爵士音乐节,是世界上唯一一个拥有联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产称号 – "蒙特勒音乐档案" 的音乐节,也代表着世界顶级水准,"传奇由此诞生" – 是这个音乐节的口号,多年来,音乐节致力于多元化的音乐种类与各式各样的合作,在音乐,艺术,文化,环保,创新,可持续性及培养年轻音乐人才等领域取得了辉煌成就。


而崭新的蒙特勒(中国)爵士音乐节,传承了瑞士DNA,并且在中国发扬光大。"东西方的相遇"是我们新的口号, 并延续音乐节的精神,为中国与国际的文化等领域接轨搭一座新的桥梁。







For more infomation about Montreux Jazz Festival China, please click here to download and watch the video.


4:00 PM - 4:05 PM: Opening

4:05 PM - 4:35 PM: Introduction to the Montreux Jazz Festival China

4:35 PM - 5:00 PM: Q&A session

  • Ernst-Jan Tolen (President, Founder of Montreux Jazz Festival China)

    Ernst-Jan Tolen

    President, Founder of Montreux Jazz Festival China

  • Joyce Peng Peng (CEO of Montreux Jazz Festival China)

    Joyce Peng Peng

    CEO of Montreux Jazz Festival China

Organizer & Partner
Organizer & Partner



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