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"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up, instead of tearing each other down" – Anonymous

Beijing Women's Network is excited to announce the launch of our new webinar series, Fierce Females. In every session, we dive into the background story of an accomplished guest speaker. Whether it may be sharing insights from her professional experiences, opening up about personal trials and tribulations or simply laughing aloud at hilarious lessons from the past, we hope our community can find comfort, inspiration and entertainment in our speaker's journey.

And what better way to kick off the new series, than with our first guest speaker and long-time BWN supporter, Victoria Wilk. Originally from the U.S., Victoria relocated to Beijing with her wife to work as the Director of China Safety of Regulatory Affairs at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, where she is responsible for Boeing's safety-related activities in China. She also became a mother for the very first time right in the middle of a global pandemic.

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Victoria, where she'll discuss what inspired her to become an engineer and her experiences working in a male-dominated field. Victoria will also offer her advice on negotiating maternity leave and considering your career during times of uncertainty.

杰出女性维多利亚·威尔克(Victoria Wilk)


Beijing Women's Network (简称BWN)激动地宣布,我们发布了新系列的线上研讨会——"杰出女性。"在每节研讨会上,我们都将走近一位事业有成的嘉宾,聆听她的讲话,深入了解她背后的故事。无论是分享专业经验,讲述亲历的磨难与考验,还是仅仅对过去的种种教训谈笑风生,我们都希望大家能够在演讲嘉宾的人生旅程中找到慰藉、灵感与快乐。

还有什么方式会比邀请维多利亚·威尔克更适合开启这一新系列呢?作为Beijing Women's Network的长期支持者,维多利亚·威尔克将成为我们的首位演讲嘉宾。她来自美国,跟妻子一起移居北京,担任波音民用飞机集团的中国区安全事务总监,负责监管波音在中国的安全相关活动。她也是一位母亲,在全球新冠疫情期间迎来了自己的第一个孩子。

加入我们,与维多利亚进行一次有趣的对话吧!她将会谈论是什么激发她成为了一名工程师,以及她在男性主导的领域工作的经验。 维多利亚还将就如何协商产假以及如何在动荡时期思考自身职业发展提出一些建议。

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