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Emotional intelligence in business is crucial regardless of what industry your business is in. Leaders influence and guide people who come from varying backgrounds with different perspectives and temperaments, which requires a higher level of emotional intelligence. Not a team leader? Improving EI skills can also help you build and improve your relationships with your boss and co-workers. Studies have found that people with a high EQ on average, earn more than people who don't.

Ever wonder how to hone your EI skills in a measurable way? This is the workshop for you!



Key takeaways:

• Learn how you can measure your people skills with EQ-i 2.0

• Learn to talk about your EI skills during performance reviews

• Create a plan to use EI skills for career development


- 了解如何使用EQ-i 2.0来衡量您的人际交往能力

- 在绩效评估期间学会谈论您的EI技能

- 制定计划,将EI技能用于职业发展

Join us August 26th and take your EQ to the next level!


Luba Diasamidze

Executive Coach. Coach, Trainer. at UpThink Coaching


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