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This event is part of our COVID-19 response series as a means to help African brothers and sisters go through the pandemic period while achieving feats for self and for the continent. This is being held in collaboration with other partners.

Send your questions to vp@nidoeastchina.org or gensec@nidoeastchina.org or bring the typed questions with you and join through this zoom link https://zoom.com.cn/j/484010706 on the last day of March 2020, Tuesday 31 March from 7pm Beijing Time.

Research culture trains the mind to think systematically and cumulatively thereby developing constructive criticality in the mind of every practitioner.

As a follow up on the last conference we had for all African students in China, we have set up a Question and Answer Series featuring experienced researchers from various African countries in different areas of specializations.

The world as we know it is changing and may never remain the same.

Although we are uncertain of the future, irrespective of what you plan to do with your life in the future as African students at all levels - undergraduate, postgraduate, established researchers, the earlier we developed and strengthened research culture the better for the African continent.

Most likely, you are aware already that every research must incorporate literature review. This ensure that everything done later takes everything done before into consideration. Sometimes you may feel as if your research doesn't do much because you don't see it cracking any atom. However, it is building on the shoulders of all previous research and those that will research after you will start from where yours stopped.


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