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In an ideal world, this is how our careers would look like. You turn up at the office every day bright and early, enthusiastically complete all your tasks on time, and your boss is so impressed they readily reward you with a big promotion and pay raise! And this happy little trend would continue throughout your career.

But that's not how our world works.

Even if we devote our entire lives to our work, and spend long hours to do everything right, rewards and recognition rarely fall from the sky and onto our laps. In fact, promotions and raises rarely happen without you advocating for yourself.

And whereas men are often naturals when it comes to advocating for their own careers – successfully negotiating promotions and pay raises even amidst COVID-19, women settle.

We fill our minds with thoughts of self-doubt. "I should just be happy that I have a job right now." "It's just not in my personality to advocate for myself." "I am so scared of appearing greedy, demanding, or rude that I rather settle for what I have than ask for more."

If any of this resonates with you, be sure to join us for our webinar with Stanford Professor Nita Singh Kaushal and Founder of Miss CEO where she'll discuss:

  • How to advocate for yourself in a professional setting – both internally in the office and externally on the behalf of your company
  • How to forge connections and develop allies that can help drive your career success
  • How to create win-win positioning before any major "ask"
  • How to successfully negotiate for yourself – even during a pandemic


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