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In the past 7 years, AUCA organized a series of career development events to support professional development of thousands overseas returnees seeking career opportunities in China. AUCA career events attracted over 40,000 student participants and helped them seize excellent job opportunities in China's labor market. In the coming years, AUCA looks forward to continuing working with our university partners and providing strong support for students' career development in China. 


In 2023 spring, to better bridge employers with our partner universities and support overseas students in the spring campus recruitment season in China, AUCA will be hosting a series of online events from February to April, including a virtual career fair, 4 career skills workshops, 4 industrial sharing panels, 2 hot topics sharing sessions and multiple sessions of online employer talks. The expected number of participating employers will exceed 50.  


The online events will be open to undergraduate, graduate students, PhD students and alumni who are seeking full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities in China.

Events and Schedule

AUCA 2023 Spring Virtual Career Events and Schedule  


Resume Writing Workshop & Resume Review Session (2 sessions)  

Time: Late February, 2023 | Location: online, Zoom platform | Length: 1.5 hrs  


★ Learn Chinese and English resume writing skills and tips from leading employers in  China  

★ Gain insights into how employers from different industries review candidates' resume  

& direct application& referral opportunities  


Job Interview Workshops (2 sessions)  

Time: Early March, 2023 | Location: online, Zoom platform | Length: 1.5 hrs  


★ Learn about different types of interviews for different industries (individual interview,  group interview, case interview, assessment center), common interview questions and  


★ Refine interview skills and learn how to prepare for a successful interview.  

★ Gain more detailed knowledge about a particular type of interview. 


Virtual Career Fair on Brazen  

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, March 29th, 2023 (China Standard Time) | Location: Brazen  


★ Virtually connect with 40-45 employers from a wide variety of industries- job  positions open to students with diverse academic background  

★ Explore available internship and full-time positions in Asia Pacific region  

★ Flexible 1-on-1 chatting and networking with employer representatives and  direct application portal & referral opportunities 


Industrial Sharing Workshops and Multiple Employer Recruitment Talks (4 sessions)  Time: Mid March to Mid April, 2023 | Location: Zoom Length: 1.5 hrs/ session (3-4 employers/session)  


★ Learn in-depth industry knowledge and skills through workshop topics featuring  a variety of industries including Finance & Consulting, Technology &  Manufacturing, FMCG & Marketing, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare 

★ Discover different career options in certain industries and learn how to enter the  field  

★ Direct application and internal referral opportunities available  

Hot Topic Sharing Sessions (2 sessions)  

Time: Mid March to Mid April, 2023 | Location: Zoom  

Length: 1.5 hrs  


★ Discover the hot topics related to China's job market that students are most  concerned about  

★ See how industry experts interpret related China's unique policies to better  understand the work within public institution or government department 

★ Find out how to get Chinese first tier cities' Hukou and learn more about the preferential policies for overseas Chinese returnees 

These dates are provisional, activities might be changed or be added 


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About AUCA

AUCA is an open organization for overseas universities' representatives based in Mainland China to exchange information and resources, learn from each others' experiences and best practices, and pursue collaboration and partnerships, for the purpose of better promoting the universities they represent and further advancing higher education internationalization.

Up to now, over 150 university representatives from more than 90 overseas universities have joined AUCA and our events.