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During the COVID-19 pandemic, AUCA organized a series of career development events to support professional development of thousands overseas returnees seeking career opportunities in China. In 2020 & 2021, AUCA career events attracted about 15,000 student participants and helped the students seize excellent job opportunities in China's labor market. As the pandemic continues unfolding globally, AUCA looks forward to continuing working with our university partners and providing strong support for students' career development in China in these challenging times. 

In 2022 summer, to better bridge employers with our partner universities and support overseas students, AUCA will be hosting a series of online events from July to September, including a virtual career fair, 2 career skills workshops, 1 alumni career sharing panel, multiple sessions of industrial sharing panels, online employer talks and job function sharing workshops. The expected number of participating employers will exceed 70. 

The virtual events will be open to undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni who are seeking full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities in China.

Events and Schedule

From the week of July 18th to the week of September 5th 

1: Workshop Topic: Job search skills in U.S. and China - Tips from career advisor and campus recruiter

Time: on the week of July 18th | Length: 1.5 h | Location: Zoom


  • Learn from career advisors about CPT, OPT, and H1B application 
  • Gain the insights of the differences of recruitment timeline in U.S. and China
  • Get advice from top employers on how to prepare and position yourself during internship and full-time job hunting 

2: Workshop Topic: Resume Writing and Interview skills

 Time: On the week of July 25th | Length: 1.5 h | Location: Zoom


  • Learn Chinese and English resume writing guideline and tips from leading employers in China and improve your resume
  • Learn different types of interviews, common interview questions and tips from leading employers in China and refine interview skills
  • Learn about the full-time jobs and fall recruitment programs from the participating employers, and get exclusive direct application& referral opportunities 

3&4: Industrial Sharing Workshops and Employer Recruitment Talks (multiple sessions)

Session Topic:

  • Financial & Consulting Industry (3-4 participating employers)

Time: On the week of August 1st | length: 1.5 h |Location: Zoom

  • Tech & Manufacturing Industry (3-4 participating employers)

Time: On the week of August 22th | length: 1.5 h | Location: Zoom


  • Learn in-depth industry knowledge and job hunting skills in the Financial, Tech & Manufacturing industry
  • Explore different career options in certain industries and learn how to land a job in the field
  • Learn about the full-time jobs and fall recruitment programs from the participating employers
  • Direct application and internal referral opportunities available 

5. Virtual Career Fair on Brazen

Time:9 am to 1 pm, (China Standard Time), on the week of August 15th  

Location: Brazen


  • Virtually connect with 60 employers from a wide variety of industries
  • Job positions open to students with diverse academic background
  • Explore available internship and full-time positions in Asia Pacific region
  • Flexible 1-on-1 chatting and networking with employer representatives and direct application portal & referral opportunities 

6&7: Job Function Sharing Workshops(multiple sessions)

Location: Zoom

Session Topic:

  • Marketing Related Positions (3-4 participating employers)

Time: on the week of August 29th  |  length: 1.5 h

  • Data Science / IT Related Positions (3-4 participating employers)

Time: on the week of Sept. 5th | length: 1.5 h


  • Gain knowledge of various career tracks and related job opportunities in the field of marketing, data science or IT
  • Get deep insights from 3-4 top employers on how to land an internship or job in the field
  • Direct application and internal referral opportunities available 

8: Alumni Career Sharing Panel

Time: Sept. to Nov. (TBD) | Length: 1.5 h | location: zoom


  • Recent alumni will be invited to share their job hunting and working experiences in U.S. or China
  • Senior alumni from various industries will be invited to share their career stories and experiences in the particular field
  • Good networking opportunity with alumni in U.S. and China and mentoring opportunity in the future
  • Direct application and internal referral opportunities 

Highlights of the Events

  • Learn the job market, industrial trends in China and career readiness skills through a wide array of virtual career workshops and employer recruitment talks! 
  • Deepen university-corporate relations with employer representatives and connect with estimated 70+ participating employers from different industries 
  • Over 1,000+ internship and full-time job positions open to students with diverse academic background 
  • University brand promotion and marketing in China 

University Rgistration

Early Bird Deadline: June 17th, 2022

Regular Deadline: June 24th, 2022

*Would you like to become a sponsoring university? Please email to for more details before you submit the university form. 


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About AUCA

AUCA is an open organization for overseas universities' representatives based in Mainland China to exchange information and resources, learn from each others' experiences and best practices, and pursue collaboration and partnerships, for the purpose of better promoting the universities they represent and further advancing higher education internationalization.

Up to now, over 150 university representatives from more than 90 overseas universities have joined AUCA and our events. 

About AUCA Career Events

AUCA Career Events are high-quality career events for oversea talents from top universities. Since 2016, AUCA has organized over 52 physical and virtual career fairs and career forums all over China, attracting more than 500 employers, and 30,000+ students and alumni from over 500 oversea universities to participate. We aim to bring more career opportunities for returnees and deepen the collaboration relations between oversea universities and employers in China.

AUCA Career Events provide a platform for university representatives, returnee students and alumni, and employers in China. It helps the university and students learn more about China's employment market and effectively bridges oversea students with high-quality internships and full-time jobs in China. 

AUCA Member Universities

Arizona State University

Bocconi University

Boston University

Cornell University

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Fordham University

Georgetown University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Harvard Business School

Hofstra University

IE University

Indiana University

Johns Hopkins University

Long Island University

Miami University

Michigan State University

Nanyang Technological University

Northeastern University

New York University

Pepperdine University 

Princeton University

Purdue University

Rutgers University

Stony Brook University

Syracuse University

The Ohio State University

University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Irvine University of California San Diego University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign University of Maryland

University of Minnesota University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of Rochester University of Southern California University of Virginia

Washington University in St. Louis Webster University 


Additional Support & Resources for Participating Universities

For University Representitives:

  • Event announcements and invitations in the WeChat group for university representatives
  • Marketing materials for the event series and available event recordings
  • Career Events Data Report after the events Invitations to AUCA corporate- university networking events 

For Students and Alumni from Participating Universities

  • Priority invitation to the individual 1-on-1 resume review and mock interview sessions
  • Event announcements and reminders via AUCA's official student WeChat groups & email
  • Job opportunities and event preparation tips Online students engagement and Q&A