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A wonder woman, yoga teacher and entrepreneur Theresa Pauline, also known by her Chinese name "Taozi", has been in Beijing off and on since 2007. She is a founder of Taozi Tree Yoga and The Yoganda Project, empowering Ugandan women for lifetime by teaching them techniques to produce world's best yoga mat bags. Theresa is married, she is a mother of son and pregnant on her second child.
The PMM guest speaker will talk about how we, women can have it all and how we can create a well rounded life.

"The speed of our lives is going to change from time to time. I will be talking about where I am now, which is about honoring exactly where you are at any moment".

You are welcome to join the talk and interact!


  • Theresa Pauline (Yoga teacher and eptrepreneur at Taozi Tree Yoga;

    Theresa Pauline

    Yoga teacher and eptrepreneur at Taozi Tree Yoga; "The Yoganda Project"

    I’m a world explorer, writer, entrepreneur, happy wife, mother and an experienced yoga teacher. I’m from the United States, born and raised in Colorado. Graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder, with a degree in Political Science. After graduation I moved to China to learn Chinese and infiltrate some multinational corporation as a spy. Obviously, my plan changed. I ended up meeting and marrying the love of my life, having a baby, and starting my own company helping alleviate poverty among some of Africa’s most vulnerable women.

    Theresa is a founder of Taozi Tree Yoga and The Yoganda Project which operates in Uganda, teaching women techniques to make the worlds best yoga mat bags- empowering them for a lifetime.

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Beijing Women's Network PMM Series

Having It All and Growing Where You Are Planted."
Guest speaker - Theresa Pauline, yoga teacher and entrepreneur.
February 9, 7-9pm @InnCube

Standard Price RMB 60