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China Channel (ChCh) is proud to announce the WeChat Mini Apps Master Class. This exclusive full day training will offer the greatest amount of industry knowledge currently available about WeChat mini apps. Moderated by two top WeChat industry experts including live iPhone demonstrations of mini apps created for WeChat's private beta invitation.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that a new era has possibly come to WeChat with the Mini Program now in the game.” - Jing Daily

Mini apps are possibly the most significant innovation in China's tech scene this year and one with serious ramifications for any organization with WeChat operations in China. As mini apps still remain in private beta, lots of questions remain. What exactly is a mini app? What can I do with a Mini app? Do I even need a mini app? How does the mini app fit into the Official Account ecosystem? Can my mini app replace my Service/Subscription accounts? How much time does it take to develop a mini app? What sort of team do I need to make a mini app? How do I monetize my mini app? How do I share / distribute my mini app? The list goes on… mini apps will go into public beta before the end of the year, how will they impact your China digital strategy?
“One thing is sure: if you are among the very first mini app’s, you will sure get a lot of traction and press.” – WalktheChat blog

If WeChat is an important user channel for your brand, product, service, or business, this training will provide invaluable insight into shaping and optimizing your WeChat strategy across all levels of your organization.

We will cover design and development best practices across the entire suite of WeChat Official Accounts with a strong emphasis on strategy for building mini apps. We’ll take a deep dive into the API's and mini app framework to clearly understand just what mini apps can (and can't) do, how they fit within the official accounts ecosystem and the important ramifications mini apps hold for your overall China digital strategy.

"Welcome to the next generation of mobile software. Say hello to “Mini-Apps” - TechNode


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