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BWN's PMM Group serves women working through pregnancy, marriage and motherhood.

We host dinners to connect our community, discuss relevant issues, reveal PMM needs and identify topics the community wants to grow into. Dinners will spotlight one of our members or invited guests. The individual hosting the dinner will lead the discussion by sharing their own experiences on the chosen topic.

About Samantha JZ
Samantha JZ will be sharing her life and work experiences as a married mom and entrepreneur. She will be talking about challenges she has been going through after quitting the job in EU and going for her passion for fine jewelry.

Samantha will get us involved in her story about:
  • How she realized what her real passion was and what she would like her work to look like.
  • Work-life balance, time management, prioritizing tasks, knowing when to stop and increasing quality of family time.
  • How she deals with challenges along the way.
  • How the benefit of being an entrepreneur contributes to her personal life.

Samantha JZ - Jewelry designer and maker - organizes workshops for jewelry making and also offers intensive classes to those Beijingers who are willing to build their career path on Joaillerie.


  • Samantha  JZ (Jewelry designer and maker at JZ Jewelry Studio)

    Samantha JZ

    Jewelry designer and maker at JZ Jewelry Studio

    Samantha JZ always had a passion for fine jewelry and in 2012 she made her dream a reality and started designing and creating jewelry for family and friends. 2015 She gave up Job working for EU to realize passion. Samantha enjoys scouring the Beijing markets for unique natural materials to create her breathtaking wearable works of arts. Her works of art are an influence of western and traditional Chinese culture. Currently, Samantha is organizing workshops for jewelry making every Thursday meanwhile she is also launching her own jewelry studio to share her passion.

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