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The Beijing Women's Network holds Spotlight Dinners monthly to bring our membership together and share professional and personal experiences.

This week, Enoch Li will share her experiences and her work as a play consultant. Based in Beijing, Enoch consults on corporate culture and organizational behaviour, focusing on leadership development, team dynamics, employee engagement, and wellbeing. Her clients consists of MNCs and mature start-ups, advising executives and entrepreneurs on implementing positive changes in internal management.

“Adults are just outdated children!” so Dr Seuss pointed out… So many of us hear the word “play” and think that it is a waste of time, not for adults, and gets in the way of “work”.

What many do not know, is that a playfulness attitude can go a long way in developing creativity, raising self-awareness, reducing stress, and increasing work productivity. The inner child in us is more powerful than we may think, but for many of us, it is suppressed for the sake of being “professional” and achieving goals. So how can our inner child find its voice so that we can be “authentic”? How can we adopt our unique playful attitude to propel us towards our life purposes?

Enoch will explore these questions with us through sharing her story of:
- how rediscovering her playfulness through a challenging period of illness and clinical depression helped her overcome the adversity
- her grappling between being “professional” or what was expected of her, versus being “herself”, an inner struggle that many have experimenting with different career identities to finding her way today

She will also share with us some research of the psychology of playfulness and how, through looking at our own play history, can find our individual ways of having a playful attitude to confront everyday challenges.



  • Enoch Li  (Play Consultant at Bearapy)

    Enoch Li

    Play Consultant at Bearapy

    Enoch spent seven years with HSBC in management roles, working in the bank’s London, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing offices. In 2010, she experienced a period of physical illness and clinical depression. Through this challenging time she rediscovered her creativity through writing and playfulness, and pursued her passion in organizational psychology.

    Subsequently, she completed an Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change (with Distinction) at INSEAD, and thereafter set up her consultancy, Bearapy, to help businesses and individuals incorporate play into their work and lives for higher productivity and results. Her research continues in the psychology of playfulness, and the impact of psycholanalytic object relations in organizations, particularly with personalization of workspaces.

    Using her pen name, Noch Noch, she has written extensively on the topics of mental health and self-development, and is a regular commentator and corporate speaker on women leadership, creativity, mental health, and other career topics. In addition to her websites Nochnoch.com and Bearapy.me, she has been published and quoted in Forbes, South China Morning Post, Women of China, and CCTV, amongst other websites and media.

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