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Create Your First iOS App! Lots of people have ideas for mobile apps, but few have the programming skills to make it. With this two hour workshop, you can learn how to make your first iOS app without writing a single line of code! Just as Microsoft has Office to write word documents, Apple has XCode to create iOS apps for iPad and iPhone. Using the built in features, you can learn to create apps that display titles, texts and images, with working buttons to take the user to new pages and new content.

This workshop is the second in a series of three.
  • Beginner Class One: Story Time! In this class, we can learn the basics of XCode, the software that professionals use to create iPhone and iPad apps. Learn to drag and drop modules for displaying text and images, and create buttons and multi page apps. These functions are great for making apps to show information about an event, show art pieces or make a choose-your-own- adventure story.
  • Beginner Class Two: PPM Count! In this class, we will be writing our first few lines of code. By telling an app to fetch HTML data from the Internet, we can display that inside an app with labels. Learn how to identify this data and tell an app to fetch whatever you need, whether it's a daily headline, social media updates or weather information like PPM count for the day.
  • Beginner Class Three: Games! XCode has its own physics engine, and in this class we'll be learning to create a simple side scrolling game. Along the way, we'll learn how to write larger chunks of code, how to invoke code modules in XCode, how to get an app to recognize taps and gestures, and how to create games with scoring, collision detection, graphics, movements, controls and more.

  • What Can You Do With This Course?- I was able to create a choose-your-own-adventure story app for an art show without writing any lines of code. The story was illustrated with my own artwork and was fully interactive. These methods can be used by artists to create new kinds of digital art, organizers who want to have information for an event, like a schedule, map and speaker information, organized in an app, and by designers who want to create demo versions of totally new app ideas. This can help them explain their concept to programmers and investors.
  • What Do You Need- For this workshop, you will need a computer running OSX, with XCode installed. This can be an Apple computer or a PC running OSX. It is available in the Mac App Store for free, but is a large file, so please have it downloaded ahead of time.
  • Will The Apps You Write Run On My Phone?- The apps we create will be able to run on your OSX computer in a simulator. If you have an Apple developer license, they will run on mobile devices as well.


  • Zimmer Barnes (Task Force XX)

    Zimmer Barnes

    Task Force XX

    Zimmer Barnes is a technology hacker and maker from the US. He has completed a successful Kickstarter project for wearable solar devices and was a subject of the Emmy-nominated documentary, "Superheroes". Most recently, he was hacker-in-residence at Tsinghua University for six months, and is now working with Beijing women on Task Force XX, promoting new feminist opportunities in science, technology, art and education.

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