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DCCC is pleased to invite you to join the webinar, where we will delve into the critical aspects of China's Cybersecurity Law (CSL) and the China Cybersecurity Classified Protection System (CCPS – formerly known as MLPS)

China's CCPS is a comprehensive regulatory framework designed to safeguard critical information infrastructure and ensure cybersecurity compliance. It is essential for businesses and organizations operating in China to understand and navigate the complexities of CCPS to protect their operations and reputation effectively. Furthermore, CCPS is a mandatory framework that must be enforced by every company with some companies (CIIO) required to be certified.

Join this webinar with Maxime Oliva, Co-founder and CEO of TEKID, where we will explore the latest developments in China's cybersecurity landscape. You will gain a deeper understanding of the legal obligations, industry best practices and implementation strategies, and you will be equipped to navigate the CCPS effectively and ensure the resilience and compliance of your critical information systems.

Gain valuable insights into:

• Compliance requirements

• Risk management

• Practical steps to align cybersecurity practices with the CCPS

DCCC 很高兴邀请您参加本次网络研讨会,我们将深入探讨中国网络安全法 (CSL) 和中国网络安全等级保护制度 (CCPS) 的重要方面。

中国的CCPS 是一个全面的监管框架,旨在保护关键信息基础设施并确保网络安全合规性。对于在中国运营的企业和组织来说,了解和应对 CCPS 的复杂性对于有效保护其运营和声誉至关重要。此外,CCPS 是强制性框架,每个企业都必须执行,其中一些企业(CIIO)甚至需要获得认证。

加入本次研讨会,TEKID 联合创始人兼首席执行官 Maxime Oliva 将探讨中国网络安全领域的最新发展。您将更深入地了解网络安全相关法律、行业最佳实践和执行策略,帮助您有效地驾驭 CCPS 并确保关键信息系统的弹性和合规性。


• 合规要求

• 风险管理

• 使网络安全实践与 CCPS 保持一致的实际步骤

SPEAKER | 分享嘉宾

Maxime Oliva

Co-founder and CEO of TEKID

DATE & TIME | 日期时间

Tuesday, September 19

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (CN time)

9:00 am - 10:00 am (DK time)

VENUE | 地点

Online | 线上

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