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2019 China Startup Ecosystem Summit

Powering the next wave of Innovation



Startup Grind Annual Event is Back!

2019年9月20日在上海利程坊,Startup Grind 将联合各大活跃及领先的初创社区、创投基金、跨国企业,当然还有众多初创企业,展示中国初创生态圈的活力。

On September 20th, 2019, Startup Grind will team up with leading communities, VCs, MNCs, and of course startups, to build a showcase of China's startup ecosystem at Explorium, Shanghai.

Why Ecosystem Matters?


中国的初创公司已成为推动世界创新的重要力量!他们正在颠覆传统行业并开创新的市场。创业者在披荆斩棘获得成功的背后,也得益于各地政府机构、创投基金、跨国公司的创新部门、创业服务机构、及创业社区的支持。从2012年至今,Startup Grind 作为中国创业生态圈中活跃的社区,见证了中国初创生态系统的强大力量,我们坚信也愿助这股力量推动创新新高潮!

Chinese startups are an increasingly important force in shaping global innovation. They have disrupted traditional industries and created new markets and product categories. Yet successful entrepreneurs do not operate in a vacuum. They benefit from the support of governmental institutions, multinational companies innovation programs, venture capital, and communities. Since 2012, Startup Grind has been an active part of China startup ecosystem. We have witnessed China develop a very dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we are proud to play our role in cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

About Startup Grind


Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1 million entrepreneurs in over 400 cities. In Shanghai, we've been trying to build up a community for entrepreneurs since 2013.

Startup Grind是全球最大的独立创业社区,在600多个城市中积极地启蒙、激励和连接着约200万名创业者。自2013年来,我们一直努力着在上海为创业者建立起一个社区。


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