What does it mean to live your passion? How do you balance raising a family with creating a business and following your dreams? BWN is proud to welcome Jeanee Linden from Yunnan Province for a special Friday night edition of our Spotlight Dinner Series. Jeanee founded The Linden Centre in Xizhou, Yunnan with her husband, Brian. She’ll speak about how they ended up in Yunnan, and how she balances her life and business in rural China.

For years Jeanee and her husband dreamed of creating a place for travelers to connect with Chinese culture in an authentic atmosphere untainted by rampant commercialization. Jeanee left her career as a nurse and consultant in America for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship with Brian, dedicated to the idea of creating a cultural exchange center. They convinced the government to grant them unprecedented access to two nationally protected structures, which they painstakingly renovated.

Their dream, now known as the Linden Centre, is rated as a Top Hotel on TripAdvisor.com and has won awards such as the US Secretary of State’s Citation for Corporate Excellence and Travel & Leisure’s Global Vision Award. Currently the Linden Centre has expanded to 3 sites in Xizhou, Dali with three more to come in other areas of Yunnan.

There is no extra cost for spotlight dinners. Participants only have to split the cost for the dinner. For this special Friday night Spotlight Dinner, we are requiring pre-payment for the dinner cost of 75 RMB. There will be no additional cost required on the night of the event. Please email us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions.

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  • Jeanee Linden (Founder of The Linden Centre)

    Jeanee Linden

    Founder of The Linden Centre


    Jeanee Linden is the proprietor and cofounder of The Linden Centre, a hotel and retreat dedicated to learning, sharing, and exploring the culture and history of China. Together with her husband, Brian, Jeanee has invested in projects and worked with the government to restore historic Nationally Protected Chinese Relics and create community-enhancing projects around Yunnan.

    Jeanee’s love affair with China began with her involvement with the Chinese-American community in San Francisco’s Chinatown. She stood out in her large Cantonese-American family as the only one of 35 cousins to invest time in learning her family’s heritage and language. Jeanee pursued graduate studies at University of California San Francisco and a had a career in nursing before permanently venturing back to China in 2007 to start the Linden Centre. The couple also founded an Asian Art Gallery in Wisconsin as a way to share the cultures of Asia with Midwestern communities in America. Jeanee is the proud mother of two boys and resides in Xizhou, Yunnan.

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