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DCCC and DCBF are together with cultural communication trainers C3 Consulting organizing a training course in Intercultural Communication with focus on Danish-Chinese Culture. During this course you are introduced to simple and smart cultural tools and models to improve your communication with your Danish or Chinese colleague.

This one day training course is carried out in Denmark and China following the same structure to create a foundation for a common working language. We will have group work, discussions, reflections, real life cases and more. The training is conducted in English, and you can find the course content below.

This event page is for signing up for the training session in Shanghai, China.

Morning Session:

  • Kick-off and setting direction
  • Cultural awareness and cultural self-understanding.
  • Cultural models, e.g. the 'Double Iceberg' & the '4R model'.
  • Key cultural differences between Chinese & Danish culture and society to make sure there is a good basis understanding of both cultures.
  • Hierarchy, power structures and project management btw a DK and CN site/team:
  • How is responsibility distributed?
  • How to drive the project to reach the deadlines?
  • What's in an agreement and how to fulfil it?
  • What's expected btw. manager and team?

Afternoon Session:

  • Understanding the differences and preferred use of 'yes' and 'no'
  • How to voice your opinion and/or disagreement?
  • How to know if we are aligned?
  • How to ask for/give feedback?
  • Remote communication and meetings: Differences between DK and CN direct and indirect communication; agreements and decision-making processes; body language.
  • Working with cases
  • Wrap-up

How will you benefit from cross cultural communication training?

Your organization will:

  • Achieve greater productivity in your DK/CN-related projects: If you face challenges, you'll learn how to tackle them – and you'll discover how to benefit from the cultural differences.
  • Increase your employee's cultural intelligence – resulting in fewer frustrations and greater job satisfaction in DK/CN -related work.
  • Utilize Best Practice and build a common frame of reference so you can handle DK/CN-related activities more effectively across the organization.

As a participant, you will:

  • Become aware of your own cultural baggage; this is essential to finding key differences between the Chinese and Danish culture and learning how to deal with them constructively.
  • Learn how to communicate more consciously and achieve effective collaboration with Danish and Chinese colleagues.
  • Master the art of doing great online meetings and strong global project management, so that you can create better results together.
  • Experience Aha! Moments as you learn to understand why your Danish and Chinese colleagues and partners react the way they do.
  • Acquire a lot of practical tips and tricks that will contribute to greater success. For example, learn how to ensure that deadlines are met, and how to check that your message has been correctly understood.
  • Get advice on your Danish/China-related projects and challenges from trainers who have extensive hands-on experience of Danish and Chinese culture.
  • Acquire tools that that are not only useful in your collaboration with the Danish/Chinese colleagues but will also make you more effective in all types of virtual global communication and collaboration.

Event Details

Training Session in China, Shanghai:

Date: Wednesday 14th December

Time: 10am - 6pm

Venue: Conference room H12, Floor 24, Gangtai Building, 700 East Yan'an Road, Huangpu, Shanghai


Language: English

Price: RMB 3,000 per person, for DCCC members and DCBF members in China


The C's in C3 Consulting stand for Culture Communication, and Collaboration. They are passionate about developing cross-cultural competences and optimizing global communication and collaboration In addition to country-specific training. C3 Consulting have extensive experience in developing cultural intelligence for executives managers and employees - so they are equipped to navigate and perform better globally.

C3 is a strategic partner for a number of Denmark's largest companies Find out more about C3 Consulting on


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