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Cheng Lei is a firm believer that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Having survived an intruder's rape when she was 19, two marriages in retrospect she shouldn't have entered into, a miscarriage and two abortions, Lei shares stories about coming out the other side, stronger, smarter and still smiling. With two kids and in an appearance-conscious industry, Lei shows us how to combat the constant pressures to look young, beautiful and slim. She also explains why the best career decision she ever made was to take a 90% pay cut and a leap of faith. Come hear her story!

About Cheng Lei:

Cheng Lei is currently an anchor woman for CGTN.

China born and Australian bred. Bean counter turned bean-spiller. Cheng Lei anchors the "Global Business" show on CGTN (rebranded from CCTV-News in 2017). Before joining CGTN in 2012, she was CNBC's China correspondent in Shanghai and Singapore for 9 years. Having interviewed hundreds of CEOS, economists and politicians over the past 15 years, her built-in BS detector is well-honed. Before starting in TV reporting in 2002, she was an accountant, qualifying as a CPA in Australia in 1995, working for Cadbury Schweppes and Exxonmobil for 5 years. In 2001, she moved from Melbourne to Shandong to work for a soon to be defunct sino-Australian joint venture involving naive foreign investors and powerful Chinese SOEs. Lei is an alumna from the University of Queensland.


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