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DCCC is pleased to invite you to join the webinar on Powering Sustainability in Supply Chain Management with Johan.

ARC Consulting has been conducting extensive sourcing surveys for the last decade, measuring the perception of Asian sourcing markets and how it changes over time. This year, the survey focuses on companies looking to diversify their supply chain to alternative sourcing markets, as well as the development and drivers of sustainable supply chains.

Join us for this webinar with Johan Annell, Partner at ARC Consulting, where he will present this year's report and key findings. Gain insights on key trends that can help your company create better strategies with CSR monitoring.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • What is the current sourcing situation in China and Southeast Asia and Europe?
  • Sourcing outlook after the global pandemic: What are the trading patterns with War disruptions?
  • How can companies diversify their supply chain to avoid future risks?
  • Which are the most attractive sourcing countries and regions when China is still the world's top sourcing destination?
  • How could companies handle the increasing demand for supply chain sustainability?
  • How could companies re-assess the rapidly shifting costs and risks following ESG challenges to drive sustainable brand growth?

在过去的十年里,ARC Consulting进行了大量的采购调查,来衡量亚洲的采购市场及其变化趋势。今年,调查的重点是希望针对不同的采购市场来多样化其供应链,以及可持续供应链的发展和推进。

在本次网络研讨会中,ARC Consulting的Johan Annell将会概述今年的报告及主要成果,您将深入了解相关趋势,帮助您公司利用CSR监控制定更好的战略。


  • 中国、东南亚和欧洲的采购市场现状是怎样的?
  • 全球疫情后的采购展望:战争影响下的交易模式有哪些?
  • 公司如何通过多样化供应链来避免未来风险?
  • 在中国仍然是世界顶级的采购目的地时,还有哪些采购国家和地区非常有吸引力?
  • 公司怎样应对日益增长的供应链可持续性需求?
  • 公司如何根据ESG理念重新评估快速变化的成本和风险,以推动可持续的品牌增长?

DATE & TIME | 日期时间

Thursday, September 07 | 9月7日

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (CN time)

9:00 am - 10:00 am (DK time)

SPEAKER | 分享嘉宾

Johan Annell

Partner at ARC Consulting

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Online | 线上

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ARC Consulting was previously known as Asia Perspective until becoming part of ARC Group in early 2023. Ever since 2004 when the first office was opened in Shanghai, ARC Consulting has grown to an international organization with offices in many of the most dynamic markets of Asia. ARC Consulting is now the most trusted and well-recognized partner and service provider for European and US companies doing business in Asia. ARC Consulting is clearly specialized in bridging between the business ecosystems of Asia and those in Europe and the US. Their services cover market entry and expansion, production and sourcing, cross-border M&A as well as operational improvement and compliance.

ARC Consulting,原为亚景咨询,于2023年初成为ARC集团的一部分。自2004年在上海开设第一间办公室以来,ARC Consulting已经发展成为一个国际性的组织,在亚洲的很多最具活力的市场中都设立了办公室。ARC Consulting是许多在亚洲进行贸易的欧洲和美国公司中广受认可的合作伙伴和服务提供商,专注于连接北欧和东亚的商业生态系统,服务涵盖市场进入和增长、生产和采购、跨境并购和融资以及运营改进和合规性。



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