Danes Worldwide, in collaboration with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, invites Danish citizens residing in China to a free online information evening. Representatives from the Danish diplomatic missions in China will also participate.

The meeting is open to all Danish citizens and spouses, family members, or others with ties to Denmark. The meeting provides a unique opportunity to receive updates on rules and issues affecting many Danes residing abroad. Among the topics on the agenda are:

  • What are the possibilities of returning to Denmark with a foreign spouse (the rules for family reunification)
  • Preserving citizenship for Danish children born abroad (the 22-year rule)
  • Danish pension
  • Admission to Danish high school and university
  • Danish language instruction for both children and young people, but also, for example, foreign spouses

Danes Worldwide中国丹麦商会合作举办线上信息分享会,邀请在华丹麦公民免费参加,同时丹麦外交使团的代表届时也将出席。


  • 携外籍配偶回丹麦可能面临的情况(家庭成员团聚规定)
  • 保留国外出生丹麦儿童的公民身份(丹麦国籍22岁法规)
  • 丹麦养老金
  • 进入丹麦中学及大学的条件
  • 儿童、青少年、以及外籍配偶等丹麦语教学

Agenda | 活动流程

  • 3:00 pm: Welcome
  • 3:15 pm: Michael Bach Petersen, Secretary-General of Danes Worldwide, introduces Danes Worldwide and the organization's political work for Danes living abroad
  • 3:30 pm: Legal advisor at Danes Worldwide, provides the latest update on the above topics
  • 4:00 pm: Open discussion and questions
  • 4:30 pm: Conclusion and thanks for today

  • 3:00 pm: 开场
  • 3:15 pm: Danes Worldwide秘书长Michael Bach Petersen介绍Danes Worldwide以及为旅居国外丹麦公民提供的政府相关工作
  • 3:30 pm: Danes Worldwide法律顾问针对上述话题提供最新动态分享
  • 4:00 pm: 开放式问答与讨论
  • 4:30 pm: 总结与结束语

For further information about the event, please contact Secretary General of DCCC, Anna Lin Yip at anna@dccc.com.cn

欲了解更多活动信息,请邮件中国丹麦商会秘书长Anna Lin Yip至:anna@dccc.com.cn

Event Details | 活动详情

Date: June 14th 2023 | 2023年6月14号

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm (CN), 9am - 10:30am (DK) | 中国时间下午3:00 - 4:30,丹麦时间上午9:00 - 10:30

Venue: Online Zoom Meeting. The link will be sent via email before the event. | 线上Zoom会议,会议链接将在活动前通过邮件发送给您。

Participants: All Danish citizens and spouses, family members, or others with ties to Denmark. | 丹麦公民,及其配偶、家庭成员及其他与丹麦有来往人员。

Ticket: Free | 免费活动

About Danes Worldwide -- What is Danes Worldwide and Why is it so Important to you

Danes Worldwide is the central organization for global Danes, providing assistance with all matters related to Denmark, both when traveling abroad, living abroad, and returning to Denmark.

Danes Worldwide specializes in the affairs of global Danes, and we work for them in five different ways:

1) We represent approximately 250,000 Danes living abroad (equivalent to Denmark's third-largest city!) and give them a voice in Denmark, where we work politically and through the media on the issues that concern global Danes. The more members we have, the stronger our voice and the greater our ability to achieve concrete results.

2) We provide advice to over 3,500 global Danes each year on topics such as citizenship, family reunification, tax, and pension. Membership includes, among other benefits, 30 minutes of free advice and a discount on case processing - a lot for an annual fee of DKK 780.

3) We offer online Danish lessons to approximately 800 students each year, both at beginner level and in classes that follow the Danish primary school curriculum up to the 9th-grade exam. If a child follows our formalized teaching, which is approved by the Ministry of Education, they have the opportunity to return to the Danish education system.

4) We offer the Danish Summer School, where 550 Danish children and young people from all over the world meet during their summer vacation to learn Danish, Danish culture, and Danish values. Many lifelong friendships are formed at these schools, and the 9th-grade exam in Danish takes place at the Summer School.

5) We offer networking and events, both physical and online, around the world as well as in Denmark. Feel free to advertise our many webinars - https://www.danes.dk/arrangementkalender/

For more information, visit www.danes.dk and subscribe to our weekly, free newsletter: https://www.danes.dk/nyhedsbrev/

Danes Worldwide是针对全球丹麦人的核心组织,无论是旅居国外或回国进入丹麦,Danes Worldwide提供与丹麦相关事务的全部支持。


  1. 我们代表超过25万居住海外的丹麦人(与丹麦第三大城市人口相当),为他们在丹麦发声,通过政治和媒体就全球海外丹麦人关心的问题展开工作。我们的成员越多,我们的声音就越有影响力,我们实现目的的能力就越强。
  2. 我们每年为全球 3,500 多名丹麦人提供服务建议,包括公民身份、家庭团聚、税收和养老金等相关方面。会员可以享受基础福利外,包括 30 分钟的免费咨询和会员折扣价,会员年费仅780丹麦克朗。
  3. 我们每年为大约 800 名学生提供在线丹麦语课程,包括初级水平和系统课程学习(丹麦小学的课程直至 9 年级考试)。如果学生完成我们经教育部批准的正式教学,他们将有机会回到丹麦的教育体系。
  4. 我们为全球550名丹麦儿童和青少年组织丹麦暑期学校,使他们有机会一起学习丹麦语、丹麦文化,感受丹麦价值观。很多人在此结交了终生难忘的友谊。另外,暑期学校还会组织丹麦9年级考试。
  5. 我们在全球及丹麦,组织线上线下的社交活动。详情浏览我们的网站 https://www.danes.dk/arrangementkalender/

更多信息请登陆www.danes.dk 订阅周报,浏览https://www.danes.dk/nyhedsbrev/获取免费时讯。


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    For all Danish citizens and spouses, family members, or others with ties to Denmark.

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