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This webinar is a part of the Greener Together: China-Nordic Dialogue on Carbon Neutrality campaign organised in collaboration with DCCC, FinnCham and the Norwegian Business Association, and supported by the Danish Chinese Business Forum in Denmark.

The circular economy is gaining momentum worldwide as businesses and governments seek to reduce their environmental impact while still creating economic value. The Chinese government has set ambitious targets for waste reduction and recycling, aiming to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society by 2025. To achieve this goal, China is promoting a transition towards a circular economy that emphasizes waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

The transition to a circular economy is driving new business models, products, and services in China. Companies are finding innovative ways to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency, and create value from waste materials. This Webinar will showcase some of the successful initiatives and technologies that are helping China transition to a more sustainable and circular economy.

In this webinar, we are honored to invite four experts to share valuable insights and experiences related to the circular economy transition and waste reduction initiatives in China including:

  • The triple effect of the circular economy, which includes resource efficiency, reduced environment leakage, and reduced carbon emissions. We will also explore how recycled content can help reduce the carbon footprint of products and packaging.
  • How corporations are driving sustainable packaging through open innovation. We will discuss the importance of open innovation, the successful cases of corporates and startups, and how they work together to achieve sustainable packaging.
  • Beverage carton recycling and how it can be driven across the value chain. We will explore ways to increase consumer awareness, support collection and sorting infrastructure, and promote recycled products. We will also discuss extended producer responsibility (EPR) in the beverage carton industry.
  • Trends in ESG development and how enterprises can benefit from ESG investment. We will discuss how to practice ESG investment and share a case study of a customized product.

Join us for this engaging seminar to learn more about these important topics.


随着企业和政府寻求在创造经济价值的同时减少对环境的影响,循环经济在全球范围内势头渐增。中国政府制定了宏伟的减废和回收目标,志在 2025 年之前建成资源节约型和环境友好型社会。为实现这一目标,中国正在推动向强调废物减量、废物利用和回收的循环经济转型。


  • 循环经济的三重效应,包括资源效率、减少环境泄漏和减少碳排放。我们还将探讨回收材料如何帮助减少产品和包装的碳足迹。
  • 企业如何通过开放式创新推动可持续包装。我们将讨论开放式创新的重要性、企业和初创企业的成功案例以及他们如何共同努力实现可持续包装。
  • 饮品纸包装回收以及如何在整个价值链中进行推动。我们将探讨增强消费者意识的方法、帮助实现基础设施的收集和分类并推广回收产品。我们还将探讨在饮品纸包装行业中的生产者责任延伸制度(EPR)。
  • 环境、社会和公司治理(ESG)发展趋势以及企业如何从ESG投资中受益。我们将讨论如何进行ESG投资,并分享定制产品的案例。

Event Details | 活动详情

Date: May 8th 2023 | 2023年5月8日

Time: 4pm - 5:15pm (CN) | 中国时间下午4点-5:15

Speakers | 演讲嘉宾

Jet Chang, VP Public Affairs, National Vice Chair, Environment working group, EUCCC at Tomra Asia;

Carol Chou, Managing Partner, IMPACT HUB Shanghai;

Andy Yang, Sustainability Manager, Tetra Pak;

Tony Dong, Region customized solution team leader, Bureauveitas China.

Jet Chang,中国欧盟商会环境工作组主席

Carol Chou,IMPACT HUB Shanghai 管理合伙人

Andy Yang,利乐公司可持续发展部经理

Tony Dong,必维公司区域定制解决方案团队负责人

Venue: Online Teams Meeting. The link will be sent via email before the event. | 线上Teams会议,会议链接将在活动前通过邮箱发送给您。

Language: English | 英语

Tickets: Free for members. RMB150 for non-members. | 会员免费,非会员人民币150元。


  • Andy Yang (Sustainability Manager at Tetra Pak)

    Andy Yang

    Sustainability Manager at Tetra Pak

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  • Carol Chou (Managing Partner at IMPACT HUB Shanghai)

    Carol Chou

    Managing Partner at IMPACT HUB Shanghai

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  • Jet Chang (National Vice Chair, Environment working group at European Union Chamber of Commerce in China)

    Jet Chang

    National Vice Chair, Environment working group at European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

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  • Tony Dong (Region customized solution team leader at BureauVeritas)

    Tony Dong

    Region customized solution team leader at BureauVeritas

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