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The "European Pork, Excellence from Farm to Fork" cooking contest is about to begin! Talented chefs will use their culinary skills to open the world of inspiration for cooking. They will create a variety of European pork dishes with their unique understanding and ideas of Chinese and Western cuisine. 

This cooking competition is one of the onsite activities of the three-year "From Farm to Fork" campaign. 

There will be 3 preliminary rounds and one final round happening in 3 different cities, all of them in cooperation with  Sichuan Tourism University

During the contest, each chef will use different cuts of European pork from Spain & Portugal to cook Chinese and Western dishes. Professional judges will score according to their creative ideas and dish characteristics. 

The champion who wins in the final round will be rewarded the title of ambassador of "European Pork, Excellence from Farm to Fork"!

【Event Details】

- Semi -

24th September - Hefei 

(No.849,Xuelin Road, Xinzhan District)

29th September - Guangzhou

(No.47, Taian Road, Panyu District)

20th November - Qingdao

(New East Cuisine School, Chengyang District)

- Finals -

22nd November - Qingdao

(New East Cuisine School, Chengyang District

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