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People put things off sometimes. Chronic procrastinators, however, find themselves perpetually delaying tasks even though they know it will only make things more difficult in the end. Research has found 80% to 95% of college students, procrastinate on a regular basis.

Serious consequences of chronic procrastination can include decreased mental and physical health, increased financial burden, reduced ability to achieve important goals, etc. What's worse is that such procrastination might even hinder people from seeking help. Eventually, people are caught in a vicious cycle.

The questions are why and how. To discover more about this topic, next Thursday we will be joined by Ben Ivey, an international speaker, and mentor who helps entrepreneurs adopt a great lifestyle without losing business success. Whether you are a business owner having trouble with keeping track of your project progress, or you are one among the 80% to 95% of students, we hope this webinar is for you.



问题是为什么习惯性拖延和如何停止。为了就该话题了解更多内容,下周四我们将邀请到 Ben Ivey。他是一位国际演说家,也是一位帮助企业家在不失去商业成功的情况下采用美好生活方式的导师。 无论您是在跟踪项目进度方面遇到麻烦的企业主,还是您是上述的大学生之一,我们都希望本次网络研讨会适合您。

Key takeaways:

• Discover the surprising reasons why you keep procrastinating

• Identify 3 powerful secrets to remove debilitating procrastination

• Learn the #1 secret to improve focus when taking on multiple projects


- 发现你无法停止拖延的惊人原因

- 找出3个强大秘方,以消除令人衰弱的拖延症

- 学习在承担多个项目时提高注意力的1号秘诀


Ben Ivey

CEO & Founder of The Entrepreneur Lifestyle



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